IEC 60950-2 PDF

latest versions of the IEC and UL standards for Safety of Information Its Part 2 standard, IEC , applies to ITE intended to be installed. IEC SYSTEM FOR CONFIRMITY TESTING AND IEC test equipment has been identified for use in the sub-grouped below. Continuing with modifications made in Amendment 1, adds further detail to Table 1C and the accompanying Rules to closer align with. IEC.

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About MET Labs MET Labs was established in and has become a global service leader for product approvals and regulatory certification of electrical products.

The NRTL mark is required under federal law for products used in workplaces in all 50 states. Phone, nuestro Fax: Also, the criteria for overcharging of a rechargeable battery were modified to reflect some of the work done on IEC to 609500-2 a more realistic test condition.

Information Technology Equipment Safety Standards. There still remains some uncertainty on the true impact of this change at this time, including the provision for flammability of the VDR body. Preview Abstract IEC The use of the T-tick or type test mark by QAS, is apparently being or has been phased out.

Under Brazilian law, a self-declaration of conformity has satisfied any electrical safety concern. Idc has no mandatory requirements for electrical safety. Through our educational resources, we keep you informed on essential regulatory requirements, changes, updates, and notices on a wide range of subjects across multiple industries, topics, and trends.


English China Korea Taiwan. For information on this subject, see IEC Leave a Comment Cancel Comment Your email address will not be published. MET listed products are also sold in every major retail stores throughout the United States and Canada. Your email address will not be published. Electrical safety certification where it is mandatory is carried out by the electrical safety regulators in each state.

The new IEC requirement could have a considerable negative impact on manufacturers who were able to use IEC for such batteries in the past, although it is muted by the existing U. Do you need a multi-user copy? In addition, requirements for protection of the outdoor equipment against the effects of direct lightning strikes are not covered by the standard.

Entry August 12, Some examples are given in 4.

Information Technology Equipment Safety Standards

Contact Us for a Service Quote. The differences as compared to Amendment 1 and UL 2nd Edition are mostly minor, but there are a few notable changes. Today, MET is a global service leader for product approvals and regulatory certification of electrical products. It has been accepted by the New South Wales electrical safety regulator Department of Energy as a valid certification and marking for declared articles those requiring approval of the regulator.


This edition includes the following significant technical changes with respect to the previous edition: The electrical safety regulators require an alpha numeric marking e. InMET broke the UL monopoly for product safety testing and certification in 69050-2 United States and is approved to certify products in over UL standard categories.

Also see RCM below. Because the previous Annex Q was lacking detail, there may be a negative impact on manufacturers who previously specified VDRs that do not meet the updated criteria. The requirements for outdoor equipment also apply, where relevant, to outdoor enclosures suitable 06950-2 direct installation in the field and supplied for housing information technology equipment to be installed in an outdoor location.

QAS is an independent branch of Standards Australia. The following test report forms are related: More extensive requirements for battery ventilation.

Information Technology Equipment Safety Standards

Each installation may have particular requirements. 60590-2 are the three notable changes, one less onerous, two potentially more onerous. This change provides additional design options for equipment connected to the cable distribution network and involving SELV voltage levels and that are intended to be earthed on the secondary side.