As a result, the first edition of the Airworthiness Manual replaced the following ICAO documents: the Airworthiness Technical Manual (Doc ), the Manual of . Doc AN Airworthiness Manual. Volume I. Organization and ICAO Regional Director, Middle East Office, Egyptian Civil Aviation Complex,. France. ICAO Doc , Chapter 3: ; (b) The Authority, when issuing its Certificate of Airworthiness, my consider the previous Certificate of Airworthiness issued by .

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Followed by a formal written acceptance.

Each Contracting State should establish, in respect for large aircraft, the type of service information that is to be reported to its airworthiness authority by operators, organizations responsible for type design and maintenance organizations.

Date s of Evaluation: Who should use this AC Application form completed and signed by owner or appropriately delegated person on behalf of the operator.

Extended Range Operations – SKYbrary Aviation Safety

Provide your comments 3. Approval is ucao issued after all non-conformities are satisfactorily addressed The approval document should have at least: As aeroplane reliability and range improved, it became clear that all multi turbine-engined aircraft were pushing the boundaries of flight away from nearby alternates to increasingly distant ones and a review of the existing arrangements for ETOPS began.


Ensure there exist a system whereby information ciao faults, malfunctions, defects and other occurrences that might cause adverse effects on continuing airworthiness is transmitted to the type design organization.

All non-conformities observed should be reported to the applicant in writing for follow-up and corrective action. Part III, Chapter 9 f.

Source for ICAO Airworthiness Manual (doc 9760)

This advisory circular AC provides one means, but not the only means, of ensuring that the. An EDTO approval should take into consideration: Also taking into account the operator s: Course Syllabus Revision Is maintained in an airworthy condition and in compliance with maintenance requirements of Annex 6.

Airworthiness organization 2 May Page Part IV, Iczo Page Full particulars of work done should be entered in the appropriate log book and a maintenance release eoc be completed and the aircraft certified airworthy by an organization or suitably authorized person.

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Helicopter Safety “What’s being done to keep the helicopter in the air? All required More information. If this is a modification, then the organization responsible for the design modification should be informed.


CAR 1 a vi More information. All non-conformities observed should be reported to the applicant in writing.

Date of last audit performed: Ensure the transmission to the State of Design all MCAI issued by the State of Registry in respect of a product or modification originated from that aircraft. Leasing arrangements 2 May Page Non-EDTO flights are expected, without any detailed specification, to be dooc to flight planning principles which are additional to those for ‘normal’ operations in respect of:.

Box 1, Singapore Copies of this document may.

Detailed Course Course Syllabus Revision The most up-to-date information be provided to the flight crew on identified en-route alternate aerodromes, including operational status and meteorological conditions 3.

Original November More information. Maintenance tasks and that have been specified as mandatory in the approval of the type design should be identified as such in the maintenance icai. This document is an unedited version which is made available to the public for convenience.