View Ibnu Tufail Research Papers on for free. Ibn Tufayl or Ibn Tufail (c – ), full name: Abu Bakr Muhammad ibn Abd al-Malik ibn Muhammad ibn Tufail al-Qaisi al-Andalusi أبو. Abu Bakr Muhammad ibn Tufail (also known by a Latinized version of his name, Abubacer Aben Tofail, –85 AD) was an Andalusian.

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Unalloyed by social conventions.

The history of earlier contributions by wikipedians is accessible to researchers here: Ibn Khatib attributes two treatises on medicine to him. Followings are the kinds of these interactions: There Hayy is found alone as an infant. Even though sensations obstructed this vision, he felt tuail to imitate animals by experiencing sensations to preserve his animal soul, which would enable him to imitate the heavenly bodies. Ibn Tufail also knows the limitations of his newly discovered method.

Again, the created must needs have a Creator.

The Muwahhids professed to be Ghazalians. He, however, in the first instance, fails to see the wisdom implicit in the figurative languages of the Qur’an about God and the hereafter, and in the permission that it gives one to lead a worldly life – -a permission which is likely to turn one away from the truth.

To cite this article click here for a list of acceptable citing formats. Ibn Tufail, following the middle course, bridged the gulf between the two. The two come to realize that they are speaking of the same truths.

The underlying aim is not only to show that philosophy is at one with religion properly understood, but that both the exoteric and the esoteric aspects of religion and philosophy are expressions of the same eternal truth revealed to individuals according to their intellectual capabilities.


On returning home, he raised a strong army and regained the lost kingdom for Salaman, whose wife becoming desperate poisoned him to death. Secondly, inspired by Ibn Tumart, they stood for the strict observance of the exoteric aspect of religion. Perhaps the answer can be found in Ibn Tufayl’s emphasis on the novelty of a certain ‘discourse’ or ‘speech’, not on the novelty of its content.

Following al-Ghazali 31 and anticipating Hume, he sees no power in the cause which may necessarily produce the effect as it does. ConradThe World of Ibn Tufayl: The first English translation by Simon Ockley was published in On the other hand, regarding God as material would lead to an infinite regress which is absurd.

The first English translation by Simon Ockley was published in This being achieved, experience, intellection, and ecstasy play their respective roles freely in giving a clear vision of the truth inherentt in the soul. Skip to main content. An instant of intertwined scientific and artistic activities strongly captivates the attentions to Ibn Tufail, describing human anatomy, autopsy, and vivisection in his Treatiseof Hay Ibn Yaqzan.

The soul, in its first state, is not a tabula rasa, or a blank slate.

The light of the sun falling on a looking-glass and from there passing into another, and so on, gives an tuufail of plurality.

Should it be attributed to a change in His nature?

The Philosophy of ibn Tufail and His Treatise the Self-Taught Philosopher – World Digital Library

Ibn Tufayl ends the work by describing it as ‘containing a piece tufqil discourse not found in a book nor heard in ordinary speech’. Essence and its vision are identical.


As a philosopher and novelist, he is most famous for writing the first philosophical novelHayy ibn Yaqdhan. Why then did the Creator create the world now and not before?

Chapter 27: Ibn Tufail

Hayy and Absal returned then to the deserted island to practise their mysticism in isolation. He anticipated the inductive method of modern science; perceived the inability of theoretical reason to solve the puzzle tufwil the eternity and temporal creation of the world, and that of the inductive intellect to establish a necessary connection between cause and effect; and finally cleared the clouds of scepticism by declaring with Ghazali that the bond of causality is a synthetic act of God.

Lbnu is of Alexandrian origin; it may have even a Persian strain. In The Polished Mirror, Cyrus Ali Zargar studies the ways in which, through teaching and storytelling, pre-modern Muslims lived, negotiated, and cultivated virtues. Not mere tufial of spirit, but the education of the senses and the intellect, too, is essential for such a vision.

Imitation of the necessary being for the sake of this being involved no attention to the self and hence provided him with pure vision.

An Anthology of Sourcesp. God and the world both being eternal, how could the former be the cause of the latter?

The manifestation of the existing plurality from unity is explained in the monotonous Neo-Platonic fashion, as successive stages of emanation proceeding from the divine light.