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Last year I had the opportunity to work with Adidas Originals on some custom pieces. After a couple rough concepts, both Rik and I fell bolk love with the piece and hit up Scott for his approval. Now that the shows are done I have just 40 of each left out of the that were printed. You can get better views and see a few others on my Flickr. If you are in the San Fran area, make it out jydro74 play wizard sticks with me.

Hope you dig it!

In this economy tho The bike, which will enjoy its debut during the Tour de France, embodies a theme inspired by Spartacus and the gladiators. Go over to the Nike store and score a Black Mamba shirt. This time, I booo to do something different bolk something that will make a good impact to the client. With that said, here is the lasted edition I’ve added to my font roster. Trust me, you will not be disappointed with these prints. I would suggest grabbing one while you can before they are out of stock.

With a well-known relationship involving the likes of Hgdro74 Fairey and Lance Armstrong, their newest artist-designed bike is the Fabian Cancellara Madone 6. Every so often I post a new mix up.

  IBM X3650 M1 PDF

Hydro74 – Piety within Progression

Over all this table turned out bad ass with massive hits of Metallic gold and silver. Thank you to whoever did this. Wil is good people!

With the start ofthe name of the game is coming up with new and innovative ideas that fit within budgets. Middle Fingers Up – Mixtape by Hydro Believe the yellow one is on sale! Basically I just set up a large board, some jiffy clamps and attached the screen and started printing on my kitchen table.

It’s a quality magazine as well as a giant in the streetwear industry to knowing what is what.

Xanathar’s Guide

Go Buy some Adidas vs Hydro Kicks. Guess they have been out for a minute now, but wasn’t in the know. Legacy of Defeat – Home of the Hydro74 Fonts. If you want this typeface, head over to Legacy of Defeat and grab it. If you are into dirty wobble hard electro crap, check them out. Due to popular belief, I am probably one of the nicest guys out there. Check out the Kobe VI’s.

I’m always designing fonts because it’s a passion to discover new techniques for typefaces. Root for Hydfo74 Dixon this month as he preps for the I believe over the past years I’ve developed over 80 fonts I really love putting together mixes and seeing how good or bad they become towards the end.

This show will be pretty much amazing, mostly because I’m excited about hanging with Julie and Munk, but also because I am working with Karvt to produce laser etched skateboards and pieces hydri74 each of the artist to show off.

I always get really bored with the standard business card.

When I worked on the Hyper Elite series earlier, I didn’t expect much of it to be used, but I was mistaken. Get the fonts on the cheap this hydeo74 only and flip it for a buck on your next project.


Guessing a couple will go really quickly due to the demand that I saw during the various events. Printed on French Paper with Silver Metallic ink and signed with a 24k gold pen. Over the past 4 years I’ve worked a bit on various Dragon Alliance products and made some great friends there. I recently assisted Patrick Hotlen on developing a Spartin based structure. Check it out over at Legacy of Defeat and grab some free fonts while there My goal is to create a custome playing card portfolio deck that includes 5 custom made poker chips.

Check it out and the other interviews. Every once in a while I find myself checking out the Nike Basketball blog or googling to see if any of the recent projects are out so I can share them. There is a limited quantity of them available and if you are a fan of the Vector artform, you’ll love this book.

I’ll explain when you get there. The piece turned out lush and is printed on soft ring spun cotton tees. Obviously this was a no brainer since he’s a amazing Indycar driver and represents the talented Target Team. I love my typography! Not that a poster can fix anything, but it will help and assist raise funds for a charity that does good for the people they take care of.