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A Oscilloscope Operating and Service Manual. Part Number: ( Aug 76). The A is no longer sold by Keysight; this manual is provided for. To buy, sell, rent or trade-in this product please click on the link below: http://www · MODEL A. OSCILLOSCOPE. HEWLETT-PACKARD COMPANY/ COLORADO SPRINGS DIVISION. GARDEN OF THE GODS ROAD, COLORADO.

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Observe trace or adjust 174a even intensity, particularly at left edge. The change is coupled through the primary winding on A15T1 to the base of Q1 and causes the amplitude of its oscillations to change.

The value of A3C1 is such that signals below 10 Hz will be attenuated. Set sweep display to DLY’D, and observe horizontal axis jitter on time marker.

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Attenuator Assemblies The special adpater plate is used to attach the A and A instruments together as a single unit. To reinstall A 16, reverse removal procedure, except after A 16 is secured in place, screw LINE switch shaft into switch switch must be in “out” position until slot is halfway through bezel, then press button onto shaft refer to paragraph 8, figure The Darlington output pin 6 drives the base of series transistor Q4.

List of Manufacturer Codes Option instruments only. Check contact on both rotor sections. That’s an excellent scope and if you can manage to locate HP probes for it affordably, all the better.

Readjust A3R18 and A3R19 if necessary. Option incorporates the following changes to the standard Model A: Disconnect all neck-pin leads. Remove HV cover MP Previous topic Next topic. The unrectified cathode voltage in the second- ary of the high-voltage transformer is applied to a multiplier assembly where it is multiplied four times. A few checks and adjustments may be required to verify that the Model A is operating properly.


Change sweep mode to A VS B. This allows soldered-in components to be removed or replaced from either side of the board. If the high voltage is low, and low voltages are correct, check for a faulty high-voltage transform- er, leaky capacitors, or resistors that may have changed in value typical problem with extremely large resistors – 30 MG, etc.

Perform timing accuracy check as follows; a.

Triggering is same as Normal above 40 Hz. If no hori zontal deflection can be obtained under normal sweep conditions, the problem may be either in the time base or Horizontal Output Assembly AIL To quickly determine which is at fault, put the oscilloscope in the A VS B mode and connect a 1-kHz sine wave to the channel B input. The ac line is applied to the input power circuit,or Vac operation is selectable. Remove channel A attenuator shield by re- moving three screws. Figure shows switches set for V operation.

The cathode voltage is rectified and filtered before application to the cathode of the CRT, It is also used as a feedback control to the high-voltage oscillator, as a reference for the CRT filament winding, the grid bias supply, and for the focus voltage divider network.

Set controls to positions indicated in turn-on procedure. If overshoot or undershoot is present, turn screwdriver adjustment in probe for a flat-top pre- sentation see figure These adjustments must be accomplished if the differential time accuracy specification is to be met.


Switches in the vertical attenuators require no lubrication, cleaning or maintenance. Useful to ensure a common ground with equipment under test. If the auction has a make offer option, take advantage of it. These chips perform the conventional control functions of signal polarity, gain vernier, channel switching, and sync extraction; in addition, they control six ranges of vertical sensitivity. Dec Thu 12, 8: Selects the voltage level on the input trigger signal where the sweep is triggered.

HP 1740A Hewlett Packard 100 MHz 2 Channel Oscilloscope

If channel B is inverted, sync B is also inverted. This winding is referenced to the rectified cathode voltage through A15R All indications arc nominal unci t-V! Rise time should be equal to or less than 3. If 1704a appropriate power cord is not included with the instrument, notify the nearest HP Sales and Service Office and a replacement cord will be provided.

Channel B Sync Circuit. Dec Thu 12, 4: General Information Increase oscillator output to 20 mV p-p.

Other probes listed under Accessories Available, which are more suitable, may be specified. Selects the vertical deflection factor in a 1. Oscillator BNC Tee a. Disconnect Interface Assembly A The control settings listed below must be used for each performance check and adjustment proce- dure.

Set so that display at center screen remains at center screen when MAG X10 is used. This completes the cycle and sweep continues in this mode until a trigger signal is present, Disconnect Gate Amplifier Assembly A12 from.