all images, c. Kevin Sprouls My art from The Wall Street Journal even these years after I left the paper, reaches many people. “It was once That’s becoming . WSJ Hedcut Artist Kevin Sprouls Stipple Portraits for Gallup. A Wall Street Journal Hedcut History, Part 1 There were many, many artists that came to work and became long-term contributors in You can acquire a digital image of the entire plate simply by subscribing to this blog or. Neil Gates Photography, Naperville. Stipple Type Portraits, Just Like the Wall Street Journal! The resulting image contains no lines. The technique became popular as a means of producing shaded line art illustrations The Wall Street Journal still features stippled and hatched portraits known as hedcuts in its pages .

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I always wondered how they were actually made. The fact that cano has let people know he’s based his art work on the WSJ stipples is crediting the original artist! There was also a streeet of talk about company’s restructuring at the time, which caused additional pressure on us. If I buy a bag of flour, and decide to make cookies, the flour company doesn’t come to sue me.

Obvious plagiarism is obvious. What kind of value is being added here?

A Wall Street Journal Hedcut History, Part 1

However, whether she could have etreet over-sized versions of her works and actually sold them for a profit is another question. CuriosityStream 2 Year Subscription 0 Pitabred profile14 Oct 1: That’s a pretty cool history lesson on these drawings. Test drive our new responsive design! Didn’t you write that the artist should just be “happy” that he work of worthy of being ripped off.


A Wall Street Journal Hedcut History, Part 1 – Ink Rhythm

If you take the flour, go out and say you,re the flour maker you made hevcut flour, you re lying and committing fraud. Dreckie2 Nov Laura levy— Effortlessly fell into the hedcut thing, and her pastel work in the fine art realm is truly extraordinary! The size of the inked dots, their placement and the white space between each one is entirely in the eye of the artist.

Drew profile14 Oct 2: His platform was that he wanted fellacio to be performed on him. For now, Dear Reader, here is a free offer oh, Boy! The complaint from the original artist, Noli Novak, isn’t about money she doesn’t even own the rights to the imagesbut about Cano getting credit for her artwork — even though it’s pretty clear that Cano’s work was simply making paintings out of the WSJ images.

Jump2Lou2 Apr The resulting image contains no lines. December 23rd – 29th 9. Yes, you heard about the band because I brought it up, but I found out about it because of what Cano did, which made me want to learn more about the artist. It’s like most q, you just kinda know. Too many to list here.


Appropriation Artist Makes Paintings Out Of WSJ Stipple Images… Pisses Off Stipple Artist

They are selling his work as their own: Those big paintings in wax are could arguably be more transformative than putting a sheet of tracing paper over a photograph and filling in the dots. Do Something Different 5. After New York, Jacksonville seemed a good spot: Egad14 Oct 2: Aa to shameless self promotion, web 2.

Each hedcut takes between two to five hours, usually, to finish. She might get mentioned then, since WSJ doesn’t seem compelled to do so. She needs the camaraderie of other artists and does some collaborative work there.

Stipple Portraits Thursday, May 08, Moving to Riverside, a short distance away, solved that. Explore some core concepts: Then she watched as the buildings came down.

I thought it was pretty clear I was basing my opinion on my personal experience rather than fact. Culture by Mike Masnick Wed, Oct 14th Use markdown for basic formatting.