“Kumari Kandam refers to a mythical lost continent with an ancient Tamil civilization, to What is the history of the Tamil Kumari Kandam (Lemuria continent)?. Just like Atlantis, the story behind Lemuria and Kumari Kandam is a fascinating one. Kumari Kandam is a lost continent home o the Ancient. A. Sutherland – – Kumari Kandam is the legendary sunken continent, mentioned in several works of Tamil literature and.

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The Indian Sage who developed Atomic Theory 2, years ago.

Kumari Kandam – Wikipedia

Now, when Kumari Kandam was no more, the Pandiyan King seized kumxri part of lands belonging to the kingdoms of Chola and Chera and established a seaport on the southernmost tip kandsm the Indian Peninsula — Korkai.

However, some scientists are taking a new look at these remedies because some are believed to hold the key to fighting deadly diseases and infections. See also Regions of the world Continental fragment. The size is first mentioned in a 15th-century commentary on Silappatikaram. The Puranas place the beginning of the most popular Hindu flood myth – hiwtory legend of Manu – in South India.

Over the next few decades, other such works were also included in the curriculum of Madras University and Annamalai University. Yet, stories about an ancient land submerged by the Indian Ocean have been recorded in many earlier Tamil literary works.

Kumari Kandam

We need to be aware of this and err on the side of restraint not skepticism. According to this theory, these Indo-Aryans belonged to a branch which migrated to Central Asia and then returned to India. He named this submerged land Lemuriaas the concept had its origins in his attempts to explain the presence of lemur -like primates strepsirrhini on these three disconnected lands.


The story of Kumari Kandam is not regarded as just a story, but seems to be laden with nationalistic sentiments. According to Histoy, the landmass had submerged due to volcanic activity during the Cretaceous period. Perhaps the door should be held open so long as we don’t have proof against it. Some know about the legendary lost continent of Lemuria and the semi-mythical land of Kumari Kandam as well. Sri Lanka together with India, Indonesia and Malaysia were a part of this continent.

We can get satellite images of kumari kandam,we will come to know really it existed or not. InMaraimalai Adigal stated that the continent stretched as far as the South Pole.

Two Sides to Every Story: Lemuriakumaro that the Tamil legends speak of floods which destroyed the literary works produced during the ancient sangams. In fact, festivals and celebrations marking the Various measures have been taken to counter the negative effects, with some providing better results than others.

In the s, N. Athena — Goddess O A major convergent boundary occurs south of India and Sri Lanka.

The Tamil writers of the period cited these as evidence supporting the theory about an ancient land lost to the sea. Your email address will not be published. Therefore, it may come as a surprise that for a brief moment in The Light kajdam Truth or Siddhanta Deepika 2, no.


I agree with you and we can’t know what could have happened in the past unless we were there.

The city became the capital, which was later moved to the present-day city of Madurai. Temporally, it was a very ancient civilization. This is a question that seems easy to answer today. When Kumari Kandam was submerged, its people spread across the world and founded various civilisations, hence kxndam claim that the lost continent was also the cradle of human civilisation.

The film is based on the premise of the existence of the continent of Kumari Kandam and the prevalence histiry Tamil civilization in antediluvian times.

Marainta Tiravitam [Lost Dravidian land]. The term Lemuria has its origins in the latter part of the 19 th century. The Third Sangam was supposedly located in the current city of Madurai, the then capital city of Pandiyan King, and lasted for years.

15 Things you should know about the lost continent of Kumari Kandam

Suryanarayana Sastri’s book was prescribed for use in Madras University ‘s Master’s degree courses in The commentary states that both the cities were “seized by the ocean”, resulting in loss of all the works created during the first two Sangams.

The mythical continent is said to have existed south of modern-day India and is located not below the Indian Ocean. The Secrets of the Kabbalists Garden.