of pancreatitis from common bile duct obstruction with hyperamylasemia | It is diferencial entre pancreatite aguda/crônica agudizada e outras causas de dor . The differential diagnosis of hyperamylasemia is difficult, but most high levels . diferencial entre pancreatite aguda/crônica agudizada e outras causas de dor. Hyperamylasemia is frequently found in cases of megaesophagus. This is particularly true of those exhibiting enlarged salivary glands; it is present in per.

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Acute pancreatitis and normoamylasemia. Pancreatic involvement during the early phase of shock.

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Included were admissions of a clinical, surgical and neurosurgical nature. Propofol-induced hyperamylasaemia in a general intensive care unit. Values of the coefficient allow writing the discriminating function as follows: Abdominal TC scan is the gold standard technique for diagnosis of caausas pancreatitis, to confirm diagnosis, exclude alternative diagnoses and determine the severity and presence of complications.

In patients who had parenteral nutrition an elevation of the pancreatic enzymes was found. Frank B, Gottlieb K. That is to casuas, no greater gastric stasis or paralytic ileus were found hindering such form of nutrition. Effects of postoperative sedation with propofol and midazolam on pancreatic function assessed by pancreatitis-associated protein.

No significant hipeeramilasemia was found in the incidence of high serum lipase in clinical or surgical patients. Elevated pancreatic enzymes after extended propofol therapy. To summarize, overall results of this retrospective study were those expected and most often found in references. Raised serum levels of amylase are associated with acute pancreatitis, mumps, certain acute abdominal conditions, and sometimes after the administration of opiates.


Increased lipase and amilase levels in critically ill patients: retrospective study

Elevated lipase was commonly found in critical patients, it related with caueas length of hiperamilasdmia but was not accompanied by increased clinical severity or mortality. Sign in below to access your subscription for full content.

This analysis disclosed the existence a single function with a highly significant discrimination power formed by the variables parenteral nutrition, length of stay and fever. The authors therefore proposed to determine the frequency of asymptomatic high serum lipase in critically ill patients, involved risk factors and outcome. Later, to distinguish the variables that differentiated patients who did not develop high serum lipase from those who did, a discriminating analysis was made using the stepwise method.

Sign In Set Up Account. Of these patients, Celiac Disease and Malabsorption.

Levels of lipase were chosen because they are more specific and slightly more sensitive than those of amylase for diagnosis of acute pancreatitis. Several attempts have been made to determine whether amylase is associated with any specific protein in the serum.

Delaney K, Luber S. These results might signal that in the majority of cases these elevations may be an epiphenomenon of a more severe disease. Other studies are needed to help interpret these alterations and to answer these frequent questions. A minority of patients met the criteria for diagnosis of acute pancreatitis. Elevated serum amylase was observed in Nevertheless it was related to longer stay and presence of mechanical ventilation. A comparison between the two groups was made for the variables studied, considering lipase as the dependent variable.

We of course, emphasize that, in the majority, these cases were intubated and sedated patients making clinical diagnosis more difficult. Rev Port Med Intensiva. Serum amylase and lipase elevation is associated with intracranial events.


Values of amylase and lipase were measured in all patients admitted to the intensive care unit in the period under study.

When present, these variables focused our attention on the finding of high serum lipase and may help to select patients for whom analysis of these may be really important. A case series and review of the literature. For the study a total of patients were recruited.

The relative sensitivity of serum lipase versus amylase for radiological image-positive pancreatitis. Not an uncommon combination. To receive access to the full text of freely available articles, alerts, and more.

Cattaneo and Bassani 3 showed that amylase can be precipitated with the albumin fraction, using hiiperamilasemia at low temperature.

Submitted on July 1, Accepted on November 10, It is noteworthy that all patients receive this form of nutrition by nasogastric tube. In most cases this elevation did not reach diagnostic levels All the contents of this journal, except hiperamklasemia otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Of the patients studied, With regard to the type of nutrition administered Table 4patients submitted to artificial nutrition parenteral or enteral presented high serum lipase more often, with a statistical significance regarding parenteral nutrition, when both groups were compared.