I am not saying that you should not purchase a Hickok like a or at the are compact bench top models that are basically laid out as this A above. Use this procedure to test and calibrate the Hickok Model /A mutual conductance (AKA transconductance) tube testers. Except as noted, all of the. I have a Hickok Model A tube tester that I’m learning to use. Hopefully someone here can answer a question for me. On the micromho meter.

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The full military manual comes with instructions regarding the destruction of the tester using explosives, axes, or throwing nickok overboard, to avoid the tester coming into the possession of an enemy power.

The A does not have this. Nice little unit, and adapters are easy to make And if you can’t find “tube data” for a particular tube Upset that and you’ve upset the whole applecart.

A recommended list of Hickok tube testers

The TV reads out in umhos where the TV-7 reads on a ” quality” scale for gm. The TV-7 is very similar to TV but has flip-chart tube data in the upper lid of the unit. Fixer-Uppers will cost more to fix than buying a good one.

Thank you I downloaded the manual, the unit looks clean but the case looks a bit beat but should clean up. It is used and in good shape with light wear. That’s what the unit was designed around,with due consideration to filament draw and sag under different load conditions. All the switch decks and sockets are ceramic, and the capacitors are hermetically sealed. One can only imagine if our enemies got a hold of a TV! Laid out something like a A, it has switch selected gm scales and a built in roll chart.


Personally,I’d just leave well enough alone Do you already have an account? Top quality Government construction. Share This Page Tweet.

Hickok Hickok A Hickok A. And I gave up checking the calibration years ago,as it has never varied from ihckok very first time I checked it.

The best feature of the ‘s is the dual triode test buttons-you can test both halves of a twin triode without re-setting the selectors. This allows you to set bias to a measured voltage, and set the line during the gm test.

Hickok 600A

Manual is 74 pages long. Just off the shoulder of Orion. The has sockets up to 9-pin mini. The TV-3 is a very cool tester. Big BickokDec 8, Also shop in Also shop in. It is classic military construction with potted transformers, ceramic sockets on the minis and octal, and hermetically sealed yickok.

I kind of wish I’d just stayed with the A after I got over the cool factor of the Don’t get me wrong, the is a great machine but, so is the A. I bought a large lot of 1 volt radio tubes from a radio amateur’s estate sale and am testing them and passing them along to you very cheap!


Hickok A | Audiokarma Home Audio Stereo Discussion Forums

Data is widely available for the B, C units. About a yickok years ago I made an adapter from an old tube socket for mine so I could test ‘s. This page was last updated: The is like a and has the onboard volt-ohmmeter function, and is more complicated to service and maintain.

A super value compared with TV and TV Hi all, Is it worth buying one of these, I’ve seen one and know how good they are, I’m getting more into tubes and it would be great to get one and fix it up, if possible. The seller says it works It lights up, I hope it’s a good thing.

Appears to be in great shape and working. The model is somewhat similar to but really demands a premium price, and can be touchy to keep running. They are easy to calibrate and instructions available on the internet.