Download Citation on ResearchGate | The Henri Tomasi trumpet concerto: a musical score analysis / | Thesis (D.M.A.)–University of Houston, Degree. Henri Tomasi’s Trumpet Concerto solo Documents Similar To Trumpet Concerto Tomasi. Uploaded by. Paulo Thiago Sprovieri. Barat Trumpet Fantasie. Tomasi: Trumpet Concerto: I Allegro – Henri Tomasi, Le Triomphe de Jeanne, Henri Tomasi, Orchestre national et Choeurs de la RTF – Jean Fournet (dir).

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These cuts will not be taken in this performance. At the age of seven, Tomasi entered the Conservatoire de Musique de Marseille.

The copyright was later taken over by Gerard Billaudot in The short development at rehearsal 10 is followed by a recapitulation at rehearsal It is improvisatory in nature and Tomasi uses motives and develops them like his French compatriot, Jolivet.

He was buried in his wife’s family tomb in Avignon. Music that doesn’t come from the heart isn’t music.

There are Trois Divertissements for four clarinets, a Corsican Song that may be performed on clarinet the instrument is not specifiedwind trios, and a piece for clarinet, flute and harp.

They wed in The chords move in parallel motion similar to Debussy.

Henri Tomasi

The Danse Nuptiale Wedding Dance was originally composed as a work for chamber orchestra and soloists in His Evocations for solo cincerto or solo saxophone are written in a similar guise and call on the music of PeruCambodiaNigeria teumpet Scotland. This opera, “L’Atlantide”, and the comic opera “Le Testament di Pere Gaucher” collectively established his reputation as an opera composer. There is a brief slow interlude before the first tempo returns.


The Ancient Greek Attica dialect was closely related to the refined Ionic language of the great Greek writers such as Aescchylus, Sophocles, and Euripides. Inhe wrote what would become his most popular composition, the Concerto for Trumpet. There, he enrolled his son in music theory and piano lessons.

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More by Henri Tomasi

There are polychords present. The slow section evolves to a poco pui agitato interlude followed by a short cadenza marked a piacere freely. Before the brief cadenza at rehearsal 4, there is a “B” eleventh chord. I can’t stand systems and sectarianism. Diatonic and chromatic melodic lines predominate, supported by tertian and polychordal concerho.

Henri Tomasi – Concerto in C for Trumpet and Orchestra () – Music Sales Classical

To translate Tomasi’s views on his own music: Tomasi composed in an economical manner, deriving thematic material from motivic cells. He also wrote music inspired by medieval religious songs. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It gave him a great passion for lyrical theater. Nocturne was first published in by Pierre Noel.


The movement pulsates with perpetual motion until the end. An hour-long documentary film about the composer produced by Jacques Sapiega was made in This is followed by a section in serial form that is soft and brooding in mood.

The furious agreements of the beginning will bring back conceryo reality soloist and orchestra for an increasingly disheveled final conclusion. Retrieved May 9, It is a stylish handling of different dance moods. The second movement is marked Mysterieux. There is constant eighth-note movement. Tomasi frequently based his works on a text of some sort, even if words were not actually used. It was published in by Alphonse Leduc. Tomasi’s music is fundamentally lyrical.


Sonatine Attique is for solo clarinet and is, reputedly, a “poetic recollection of a night spent by Henri Tomasi under the Greek sky near the Parthenon tomqsi Athens. It is marked Lent and has a surreal quality. His gift for composition was developed during this time as he excelled in improvisation at the keyboard.

Unfortunately, there is no commercial CD recording available with clarinet and orchestra and only one recording with piano reduction Actually, the clarinet concerto was recorded with orchestra and released on the CD “20th Century Clarinet Concertos” by the Koch Schwann label [5].

His music is highly colorful and one can hear the influence of his French contemporaries. He wept over the tribulations of the main character, Mimi. World War I delayed his entrance into the Paris Conservatoireso he played piano in Marseille to earn money. He spent equal time composing and conducting. The first movement, Danse Agreste Rustic Dance in the original work features the oboe. There is other worthy chamber music by Tomasi utilizing the clarinet to explore.