HDU – Kindle edition by India Lee. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and. Read HDU: A Novel by India Lee by India Lee by India Lee by India Lee for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android. HDU: A Novel by India Lee. By India Lee. Unemployed, alone, and forced to move back in with her parents, Amanda Nathan’s idea of fun these.

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Two things about Amanda. The only thing this book lacked were hsu love scenes – but I’m holding out hope for the sequel!

Liam needs to find a normal girl indi date for publicity purposes and Amanda is his girl. As a Twitter junkie myself, I am finding India Lee totes adorbs bc she gets the hilarious one-liners and dry humor of tweets. Jun 14, A. There will be a follow-up novel to HDU.

Usually I hate it when the characters have to go through so much, but this time, I felt that it made sense for Liam and Amanda to experience the crazy. The drama really picks up in the 2nd book with bombshell after bombshell. Because he fell in love with her personality and not her looks, for who could ever learn to love a size 8 beast?

What if Amanda Nathan indis gets it together? I could go on, and on, and on about how much I liked the dynamic between Amanda and Liam from that very first e-mail, trying to outplay each other.


India Lee Books

Dec 01, Taylor Hale rated it it was amazing. Also, hypocritical – he’s fed off of Liam’s fame to boost his career, so for him to trash her because he assumes she’s doing the same is horseshit. He’s nothing but a womanizer. You get easily lost in this fictitious Hollywood world ,ee Ms. As it turns out, Liam is as eager to shed his playboy image as Amanda dhu desperate to move out of Merit.

Overall, I can’t hate. Seriously, it’s as if she could do no wrong for most of the book.

HDU: A Novel by India Lee

I never peek ahead when I’m reading, I usually just trust the author to give me what I want at the end of the story, hddu HEA. I loved Liam and Amanda together. Daylight by Maroon Unemployed and alone, Amanda relishes in the one thing she has control over – Hollywood gossip. The juicy scenes involving her, Amanda and Liam were some of my favorites.

To view it, click kee. There were reasonable resolutions, and I liked that there were so many things happening and that there was as messy as it was, but at the same time I didn’t get into it, and everything that was happening felt so transitory – nothing settled, noth Unexpectedly charming?

HDU Series

The first half, I laughed out loud in glee le and couldn’t stop reading, the second half got a little too dramatic for me at times and utterly ridiculous at other times, and the end felt really lackluster and incomplete.


But I didn’t hate it, and I think I’m kind of reeling from that because I have read a lot of really inida romance novels in the past few month I’m not sure what to make of this book. I apologize for dating models, PrettyKitty He met Harper who have being helping him cope with every day life. The greatest thing I can empathise with Amanda is the fact she had no idea what to do, jndia was a nice change of pace from those girls who may be unpopular but at least they’re really hard working and have their 4.

And where was Liam??

HDU Series by India Lee

For me this seems like it doesn’t end here. In the book the main characters didn’t screw everything that moves, nor was there a virgin defined by being one and running around acting like it’s a fate worse than death. And Liam didn’t notice? He just sat there and insulted her all through dinner, wouldn’t even look at her most of the time, and when he did, it was with scorn.

Open Preview See a Problem? My taste is suspect.

Half the time, I just wanted to feed her pretty little head to the poor piranhas in the Amazon who are suffering from lack of carnivorous food.