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The system keeps track of the pin numbers, but they cannot be displayed on the schematic for the final documentation. These keywords represent command function, routine or option names.

This manual is primarily for the system librarian who maintains, dattasheet, and creates libraries. This merge function is performed by synonyming the single signal name with the concatenation of the other signal names.

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Leading and trailing spaces around property values are removed. All other trademarks datashert the property of their respective holders. Two signals are synonymed when the signal names are each connected to a pin of the SYNONYM symbol, or when the signal names are connected to the same pin of any symbol.

The end of the file. Flag symbols are usually not required. You should follow similarly with escaped port names in either the model or the symbol.

Mapping Scenarios Following is the description of the various mapping scenarios possible while creating VHDL wrappers.


74HC/HCT4016 Quad Bilateral Switches

Use a functional name that will be easier to find when scanning libraries. Signal Property in Chips View. These are connected to the body with a 0. The errors found during the test process are directed to a log file.

Do not differentiate low asserted pins with any other nomenclature. January 92 Product Version January 64 Product Version This file should contain the path to the Verilog models. Netassembler selects the entry based January 68 Product Version When the design gets backannotated, these properties are invisible and do not clutter up the schematic.

Library Level Files There exists two other files at datasyeet same hierarchy as the individual libraries.

Concept HDL Libraries Reference

If a part has sections that are not interchangeable such as the LS51then there are additional views that describe the additional sections. All the cells supporting a particular package type are instantiated on the sheet of that package type. When editing bodies in Concept-HDL, the default snap grid is. Property Annotation for PXL. Typically, you make these properties invisible in your symbol drawings.

January 38 Product Version The text size should be consistent within the part and throughout the library. You might need to define the range of a port when there is insufficient information in the pin names. Cadence provides the PCB Librarian Expert tool hct4061 enables you datadheet successfully create and manage libraries. Within the primitive are the dxtasheet and the body sections.

When used with OR-bars, they enclose a list of choices. The default value for the property if it is uct4016 present on an instance of the part. These borders include the Cadence logo and copyright statement, but do not have any other significance and are not mandatory in a schematic, unless you use the CRefer, in which case a page border is required.


When elaborating designs that include units from these read-only libraries, the elaborator may need to produce new intermediate files for a design unit that is in a read-only library. Printed in the United States of America. Different versions of the LS08 allow a designer to add either form of the hct40116 to a drawing.

Defining these placeholders in the bodies provides for much neater schematics initially and avoids tedious property manipulation after placement. If you do not specify the path, hlibgenxmpl looks for the cds. This is because, when the symbol is instantiated in the schematic, Concept-HDL aligns any instance specific properties that are added with the visible properties.

January 4 35 35 36 36 37 38 hct406 38 39 40 41 41 42 42 43 45 45 46 48 48 50 50 51 53 55 55 59 Product Version Each of the libraries are further organized into separate directories, one for each technology for example, HCMOS components are in a directory called hcmos.