Pearson,Longman-HAT. Aanlyn woordeboeke · Taalportaal · Taalstrukture Have you seen the HAT Afrikaanse Skoolwoordeboek and Sakwoordeboek?. Elektroniese WAT,Afrikaans,dictionary,woordeboek,aanlyn. HAT VERKLARENDE HANDWOORDEBOEK VAN DIE AFRIKAANSE TAAL. ODENDAL F. ISBN: Estimated delivery within business day.

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So too that newspapers and the writers of letters to newspapers regularly quoted the HAT as authoritative source when referring to the meaning of a word. In the meantime you can chat to us on our Facebook page and follow all our news on Twitter.

The work on this new edition has been ongoing at Pearson South Africa since and was nearing completion at the beginning of Eventually the thorough revision would consume eight years. To ensure that the HAT stayed in competent hands, Perskor appointed a second editor after the publication of the third edition, namely Rufus H.

Smith, professor of Afrikaans at the University of Stellenbosch, was appointed as editor and he undertook to complete this task within three years. HAT5 is the first edition of woogdeboek the lemma selection was based on a representative, comprehensive and balanced electronic corpus. There was considerable pressure to delete such words in their entirety so as not to offend any user of Afrikaans. Odendal set the target at four years. The answer was two years. This placed the WAT undertaking on firmer footing.

Labelling racist words proved quite a challenge, and to a lesser extent gender words. His lengthy association since with the language commission had kept him in touch with the practice of wordsmithing. In the meantime the goal of the WAT had shifted quite drastically. HAT had become a household name.



Although Schoonees was the de facto chief editor, he was not named as such. Adverts were placed for the post of editor according to the plan this would be a one-person jobbut although many applications were received, the board back-pedalled and made no appointment. For English Pearson is the publisher and distributor of the Longman dictionary series in South Africa. Murray Booysen, joined the team as well. Jana Luther would become the publisher of the HAT and its first in-house editor.

Watch out too for book announcements and contributions by well-known writers! In Afrikaans and Woordeboke. To ensure that the HAT stayed in capable hands when he could no longer participate, Odendal proposed to Perskor in the s that it was time to appoint a second, younger editor. Many of our online activities and worksheets are free. From the stables of the Handwoordeboek van die Afrikaanse Taal and the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English we produced in our first bilingual English-Afrikaans-Afrikaans-English dictionaries: From now on you can refer to these dictionaries right here — all three on your screen simultaneously.

Die Woordeboek van die Afrikaanse Taal — ‘n Kultuurhistoriese verkenning. Odendal would work on the the first part and Gouws on the second.


Odendal wpordeboek have retired from the editorial team after the completion of the fourth edition of the HATbut for various reasons stayed on till HAT5 was completed.

Afrikaans Afrikaans dictionaries Dutch dictionaries Lexicography. A commission of inquiry recommended that a board of control be established.


However, one editor would be responsible for a particular aspect from A to Z, aht as adding citations, refining the labels, and supplementing and checking computer terms. In spite of the limited time archaisms were deleted and many new words added. In HAT3 he increased the number of self-made examples, and supplemented them with a large number of citations from the work of Afrikaans writers.

Handwoordeboek van die Afrikaanse Taal

Gouws, professor in Afrikaans linguistics at the University of Stellenbosch, an excellent choice. In she joined Gouws as editor for the preparation of HAT6. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This electronic dictionary contains the complete alphabetical list, list of abbreviations and list of geographical names with their derivations from the fifth edition of the Verklarende Handwoordeboek van die Afrikaanse Taal.

Odendal accepted the challenge and for the following eight eoordeboek, from tohe worked on a thorough revision of woorseboek dictionary.

Come work and play online. Then browse through our catalogue for a closer look at the HAT family. In March the then Nasionale Boekhandel and the South African government agreed to establish a monolingual, explanatory dictionary, with a similar extent to that of the Dutch Van Dale of the time, which was comprised of one volume.

The secretary of education would serve hst chairperson and the rector of the University of Stellenbosch as administrator.