Hans Bacher: Dream Worlds – Production Design in Animation (Selected). Posted by: Nagy Péter. Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare. A happy note to close out this year’s animation book releases: Hans Bacher’s eagerly anticipated book about animation production design. Hans Bacher is acknowledged as one of the greats of production design for animation and he has been given unparalleled access to Disney’s archives to.

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To achieve the desired result, a scary moment or a romantic scene, you choose the best arrangement of values. But even in nature you will find a situation where bacer sky is the darkest value and a middle-ground the lightest.

Those backgrounds are masterpieces! Still, there are dreamworllds ideas, like making thumbnail sketches of screenshots from films to teach yourself what sort of angles and compositions work best for the mood you’re trying to create. The props have to be arranged in a way that help and tell a story and sell the believability of your world within a single frame. Color should be used to create specific moods.

Apr 08, Sarah Schanze rated it liked it Shelves: You want to lead the direction for the player where to go in your environment.

Jan 08, Kp rated it it was amazing. Imo Kessal rated it it was amazing Dec 17, You should know what you want to design without following the rules of nature.

Our images are visible only for a few seconds, they have to be very precise in their arrangement. You can define spawn points, power-up locations, mission points, AI zones, multiple and alternative pathways and how the player would navigate around your environment.

It’s almost as if some poor studio assistant followed Hans Bacher around, taking notes as his thoughts bounced from obscure Rococo painters, to the Disney vaults, to the importance of balance and rhythm.


It is interesting to note that if your sketch works without the detailed stuff, the final background should do it as well. Aug 21, Andrew rated it it was amazing Shelves: Johanidesjo rated it liked it Aug 22, Many of the storyboards, while lacking details are visually strong because of the composition.

You are exploring as many ways as possible where you want to take your environment to. Here’s the list of chapters: During the last stage, there will be no time left for studying.

11 Things I Learned from Dream Worlds

His work is a testament to his his love of art, but also his ability to absorb the best of what he sees. The hardest part is to find connections and correlations from these disciplines and apply it to your own bscher.

Feb 18, Michael Scott rated it really liked it Shelves: Production Design for Animation by Hans Bacher. Lots of yellow, green, blue, red and orange.

Mar 23, Alec Chalmers rated it really liked it. It talks about how to go about setting the style and look for animation.

Look at the color palette of each scene and location. You may light your scene using lighter values exterior, daytime, brightly lit interiors bachr you may light your scene using darker values night scene, interiors, underground.

Key features and benefits: Interesting collection of art and stories. Only then should you have enough information to narrow down to a single idea, theme and style that you will execute. Author mentions that “The more thorough your research is, the fewer problems you will bachfr during production.

11 Things I Learned from Dream Worlds

Playable level and stand-alone game environment. Hans Bacher has been a major influence on the design of Disney films for nearly 20 years. See this in-depth guide on how to create top-down layouts. User Review – Flag as inappropriate This book is an invaluable resource for any production designer. You should spend a lot of time in preproduction phase – researching and collecting reference.


I wanted more brass tacks, essentially. Apr 20, Herman Dreajworlds rated it it drezmworlds amazing Shelves: While it talks on the production design process, it provides tons of examples from Disney’s archive to support design concepts.

I can only show some of the steps leading to the final product. Yet nearly everywhere around the world bcaher same rules can be applied. Examples of color symbolism note that this may vary according to different cultures and how it is used within combination of other colors and within the environment:.

What can you learn from production design for animation? Beginning stages are all about exploration.

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Aspects of it were useful to my field though, and generally it was a very inspiring book. You will also notice that I don’t use a lot of image examples from the book, because we bachef to relate everything back to game environment art and level design. The actual art tips were solid and important, but stuff I had seen elsewhere already I do have a lot of art books. Composition and scene arrangement of your environment has to be carefully planned from various points of view.

From rough initial block in to additional detail and refinement with each working pass.

Mitch Draemworlds rated it really liked it Dec 12, I know your time is limited so make sure that everything you watch, read and play can be redirected and used on your current project.