Hammer and Klaive. if the fetish was left to the younger werewolf as an inheritance) a young Garou with a fetish is often seen a bomb waiting to go off. they also. Hammer and Klaive [Ethan Skemp] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A silver knife twists in mid-blow, striking unerringly at a foe’s heart as. got the book during the holiday sale. reading it it has TONS of cool stuff Fetish claws, warpaint, etc any idea on what kinds of updates the.

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Peace Pipe- Level 1 Gnosis 5 No change, also no test. Application of warpaint takes at least 1 hour.

Blindness lasts for a number of days equal to the difference between the target’s willpower and the fetish’s Gnosis. Igrowastreesgrow marked it as to-read Jul 09, The drums must be played continuously while the anf is open but once the initial activation is complete other drummers may maintain the realm allowing the original activator to rest.

Success on the test allows them to act normally. Tiffany added it May 23, As wealthy Garou are often indefinite house guests of rich kinfolk. Tyr’s Blood- Gnosis 7 Opponents must make a static willpower test Diff 7 or flee for 3 rounds.


Hammer and klaive: a VERY good book. – Onyx Path Forums

Dead Paint- Gnosis 8 Once activated this talen cannot be turned off until the murderer is slain. Darrel Lacheny rated it it was amazing Jul 15, BookDB marked it as to-read Nov 05, Those with equal or greater Gnosis suffer no penalty. April added it Jan 22, As such I have not taken the time to translate them as it is unlikely that they will be used by player characters in any quantity.

Being jlaive deals 8 levels of aggravated damage. Wyrm Creatures in the area are at -1 trait on all attempts to hide. Barbara rated it liked it Jul 29, Thorn Claws- Level 3 Gnosis 6 The hooks can grab hold of a target who must spend their actions attempting to hammmer them, the test to do so is a static physical test diff 8. Spirit Skin- Level 3 Gnosis 7 Grants the user a second pool of nammer levels equal to his normal levels that only affect spirits.

Ted marked it as to-read Aug 05, He got his just deserts in the end when his deeds came to light and he was slain by Gaia’s Vengeful Teeth. Probaly just some random nonsense to make it more clear their exotic and enlightened.

Read Hammer and Klaive PDF Online

Again noting that bat spirits are wyrm tainted. Originally posted by Prince of the Night View Post.


If attacked olaive target may defend themselves. Crystal added it Mar 12, On a success the disease in the patient is cured. Lists with This Book.

Inge Dahl marked it as to-read May 29, Vision Pool- Gnosis 6 Consult a storyteller for oracular visions. Fire Shadows- Gnosis 8 This may take longer than an hour to apply.


Eric Crabtree rated it really liked it Jul 27, Soul of Lightning- Level 4 Gnosis 7 Adds 1 level of lightning hzmmer to any one claw attack per activation. Feathered Cloak- Level 4 Gnosis 8 User may use the speed of their current form and either walk normal pace vertically, or run double pace horizontally, In any combination. While activated the user can also choose to let the fetish take a killing blow or provide a retest once all other options have been exhausted after which the fetish is destroyed.

A loss results in losing a trait of willpower a win and they retain the point.

High level effects are best left to the storyteller.