This 20th century masterpiece by one of the Muslim world’s best known scholars is a wonderful spiritual preparation for those intending to perform the Pilgrimage . The Hajj by Ali Shariati (new edition, with foreword by Muhammad al-Asi). Pub: Islamic Book Trust, Kuala Lumpur (), Pp: , plus 8. Dr. Ali Shariati. Introduction. What has the experience of Hajj taught me? First one must ask – what does Hajj mean? In essence, Hajj is man’s evolution toward .

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Hajj (The Pilgrimage) | Books on Islam and Muslims |

What constructive contributions have you made? The society of polytheism is converted into one of monotheism or Tawhid. So many precious years have been lost, yet who are you?

Syasat is a philosophy by government that want to have the responsibility of changing and becoming the society not its shariayi and existence.

No special style or material is used. You have been exposed to the absolute facts.

He also believed that the civilization has to be considered as something deep. It differs from other books about the hajj in that it does not simply describe the rituals in detail, but rather shariatti deals with the underlying philosophy behind them. In the first place Shariati criticised western liberal democracy. Institute of Islamic studies, Mc Gill University.

Hajj (The Pilgrimage)

But the second stage, which is the current era, could be considered as the domination of the many by one. History will judge Shariati’s Hajj as one of the most important documents of Islamic renaissance. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Ali Shariati.


You, whoever you are, you are a man, Hsjj son, and a representative of Allah on earth! The scene is like the day of judgment. In fact, private ownership and the emergence of the machine, if considered one of two curves of history, belong to the hajjj period of history.

Shariati in shariato Glance. He died three weeks later in a Southampton hospital under “mysterious circumstances” although in Ali Rahnema ‘s biography of Shariati, he is said to have died of a fatal heart attack. Adam, Ibrahim, Hajar, and Satan are the main characters.

The Myth of the Great Satan: I can discuss my views with others; this has been a “tradition” too. Leave the palaces of power, the treasures of wealth and the misleading temples. All this just to show “ones-self but under so much “make-up”! Unfortunately, the teaching of the concept of Tawheed is limited only to elementary schools. All of these gestures are an exercise in the preparation for death which will overtake everyone some day. He considers with making human Ensan Sazi. What have you gained?

When you are in need, you hope and struggle to overcome your needs. The aim of government in the philosophy of Syasat is to change social foundations, institutions and even all the norms of society namely culture, morality and desires etc.

He also criticized traditionalism for regardless of scientific methodology. In fact, Shariati has an unknown figure and personality. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote. At last, one is all and all is one! And Allah is the “absolute” – being, perfect, and eternal! One of his premises was that Islam by nature is a revolutionary ideology. Only man shows himself. He is waiting for You!


Ali Shariati

Leave your surroundings and go to the pure land. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wrap yourself in two pieces of cloth. Shariati then went shariiati Tehran where he began lecturing at the Hosseiniye Ershad Institute.

At Miqat, regardless of your race or tribe, you must doff all the covers you wore in your daily life as: From one horizon to the other, a “flood of whites” appears. Your nature is characterized by loyalty to other individuals, self-devotion, cruelty, ignorance, a lack of direction, fearfulness, and greediness!

Hajj is also a movement. Now take off your clothes.

At Miqat, regardless of your race or tribe, you must doff all the covers you wore in your daily life as:. Their life was sbariati in the context of mere “existence”. Therefore, he suggested to thought of reason as the axiom for understanding the other sources namely holy book or Qurantradition, syrah and consensus.

Hajj is the antithesis of aimlessness.