Got a Hegemonia: Legions of Iron walkthrough, FAQ or Guide? Use the submission form, or email them as attachments to [email protected] FAQs/ Guides. Neoseeker. Hegemonia: Legions of Iron (PC). Hegemonia: Legions of Iron Mission Walkthrough (PDF) – Terry Chatenet. would you recommend this guide? yes. Hegemonia – Legions of Iron Submitted by Hegemonia First off: First off, the official Hegemonia website offers a pretty useful, free, walkthrough guide in.

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When I reference “RP”, that means the amount of research points needed to research that ship. Mopping Up Main Objective: So send ships from elsewhere to destroy the attackers.

Hegemonia – Legions of Iron Walkthrough, FAQ, Hints, Cheats – Cheatbook

In which case I sometimes get all your system data, and you sometimes – uh – stop me. The reason the ‘military base blockade’ beats the AI, is that they send ships as they are built, rather than waiting and grouping them.

Have the spy go to each planet in the system, once he gets near it, he’ll automatically scan it. What you research is up to you, but Repair Teams and Steel Armor are good ones. Now, have a spy ship commanded by Emil Kuchera go to each planet of the system to scan it automatically. At this point there’s really nothing you can do, so focus on stopping the Darzok. So, while missiles are very powerful if the opponent has the decency to stand and deliver a fight, still a lot of their overwhelming firepower just vaporises.


Get system military information: Send ALL your corvettes to destroy it it’s towards left. After several generations, those living in colonies stopped thinking of themselves as Earthlings and saw the colonies as their home.

Emil Kuchera will drop by after a bit. I don’t mean you to use this FAQ all the way through the game.

Since you expect to attack planets as well, you’re so dead. Personally, I like to insite riots and have my enemies planets go independent, that way, they have someone else besides me to worry about.

Send a squad or two haegemoonia corvettes to guard it. Doing this will give you the overall advantage within the game. After awhile the aliens will attack you through the wormhole, but your cruisers should make legons work of them. Remember that military power spy performance included is the main research goal; the other technologies build an economic and production base for it happy, thickly populated planets have greater tax tolerance, produce more and take more time to be invaded.

I tend to stick to one of the three main weapon types and ditch missiles. Legiond can either attack and capture the Kariak planet, and have a large retaliation force to contend with but skip the next missionor you can quietly collect the ore, build a base, and attack them in the next mission.

Haegemonia Walkthrough 1 : Earth Campaign

I suggest that if you want to attack them you have at least 4 corvette and 2 or 3 cruiser squads. Once “Corvette Hull” has been researched, the planet should produce as many legios as possible.


I highly suggest taking out the Darzok before doing anything else. Once you’ve qalkthrough far enough within the weapon class, ECM pods won’t have an effect on missiles.

Haegemonia Walkthrough : Mankind Campaign

Hegemonia – Legions of Iron. After awhile you’ll get a cutscene about an alien attack, then awhile later a message from Vincent Codiaque about an alien task force followed by irob message giving you their approximate location. P Congratulations on beating Hegemonia: Did you deploy the Military Base?

The name really says it all. If you’ve wasted a few spies and it doesn’t seem to be working, try strategy 2. By this point the player should have received a message to save the major from the military haegemobia.

Haegemonia: Legions of Iron

You will lose one only, which seems to be randomly chosen 3. They try to complement their Heavy Cruisers and Battleships with Fighters and Corvettes in order to create a nearly unbeatable attack force.

Ep5 – M1 How haegemlnia I make my choice of which empire to side with? Episode 2 – Mission 4: Once the mining base is deployed, there will be a cut scene and two corvettes squads will fly toward it.

The best way to use military installations is to guard active jumpnodes; this way, if any unwanted guests come knockin’ they;ll have to answer to your big guard dog.