H11A1Z Datasheet PDF Download – VDE Approved Transistor Output Optocoupler, H11A1Z data sheet. H11A1Z VDE Approved Transistor Output Optocoupler Components datasheet pdf data sheet FREE from Datasheet (data sheet) search for. H11A1Z Datasheet: VDE APPROVED TRANSISTOR OUTPUT OPTOCOUPLER, H11A1Z PDF Download ETC1, H11A1Z Datasheet PDF, Pinouts, Data Sheet.

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The optical link design is simplified by logic compatible receivers and the complete link is guaranteed from 0 C to 70 C Description List No. The exposed pad design, allows excellent heat transfer from the package to the PCB. Standard, supporting all major transmission codes 2. LUXEON V offers extreme luminous density, up to 50 times that of alternative solid-state light sources creating new opportunities for solid-state lighting to displace conventional lighting technologies.

A1Z datasheet, A1Z datasheets, manuals for A1Z electornic semiconductor part

Intelligent circuitry allows operation with either AC or DC supply voltages of 8 to 8 volts, allowing optimum brightness levels to be achieved. Available dagasheet wavelengths and powers of nm, nm and 1mW, 3mW. Black anodised housing fitted with fixing nut and washer. Almost everyone uses this modern technology More information.

The TS2 operates one or two trackside block signals one in each direction on one track to simulate the block. A 8 way tie bar is available separately enabling the LEDs to be accurately mounted as eatasheet. All types except are UL recognised. Order Code x 20 x Reduce needs for heat dissipation components.


H11A1Z 데이터시트(PDF) – List of Unclassifed Manufacturers

Order Colour List No. Solder instructions of the datadheet 3. The electrical parameters are identical to the standard DIL versions.

Order Code Batwing Warm White Order Code Single 1. Output voltage is directly proportional to the light intensity irradiance on the photodiode. Items ending in either V-M or. Cylindrical High-Intensity LED 5 mm 5 mm Wide viewing angle High-brightness indicator Industry standard lead spacing Unique lens shape for flexible applications Product Photo Here The series is designed for superior performance in signage More information.

The nm DFB laser modules are designed for both broadcast and narrowcast analog applications. It can be easily cut down by scoring with a sharp knife, then breaking.

This devices is suitable for applications including process control, cameras, printers, photo copiers and video equipment. These semiconductor lasers are packaged in industry-standard compact 5.

Order Code White Lambertian 10 60lm 65lm K. The system will operate from a dc supply of 5V or higher with low current consumption. Standard indicators match C switches, Softline indicators match Softline switches. They are sealed to IP67 rating fitted with sealing rings, fixing nut and washer. Order Code mW 2. The TS2 operates one or two trackside block signals one in each direction on one track to simulate the block More information.


Two active areas are made on a single chip. Direct operation from V ac mains voltage supplies. The electrical parameters are identical to the standard product. By turning on, turning off, or adjusting features, ambient light sensors can conserve battery power or provide extra safety while eliminating the need for manual adjustments. Order Code mW 1.

H11A1Z Datasheet PDF

Cathode identified by flat on body and daatasheet lead, LED has stand-offs. It is available in neutral greyred, light red and green. Fluorescent 25, hours min. They provide highly accurate attenuation over a wide range of wavelengths.

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The small size makes these devices suitable for high product integration on a PCB. Operating voltage V to 15V. The highly linear, OC48 More information. Anode Cathode Ultra Red 8. LUXEON V is a revolutionary, energy efficient and ultra compact light source, combining the lifetime and reliability advantages of Light Emitting Diodes with the brightness of conventional lighting. Nickel plated, low profile, brass body with a fixed polycarbonate transparent n11a1z lens.