Artist. Song. Rating. Type. Guthrie Govan · Fives Overdriven Guitar, Electric Guitar (clean), Distortion Guitar, Electric Bass (finger). 4. Pro. Fives solo (ver 2). Notice. The biggest part of the lead guitar, I took from the other fives tabs I found in the net. I only made some corections in rhythm, some. Choose and determine which version of Fives chords and tabs by Guthrie Govan you can play. Last updated on

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Fives – Guthrie Govan – Guitar PRO tabs, free download gtp files archive, chords, notes

How to get into the music industry. Larry Carlton Style Track. Extending The Fretboard Examples 7. Larry Carlton style lick. G Major 7 Arpeggios Example 4. Govan read English at the University of Oxford, though he left after a year to pursue a career in music. Search Media New Media. I will also be working on these drum parts as we go, would just be nice to have tag hand.


Yes, my password is: G Minor 7 Flat 5 Arpeggios Example 4. Forums Search Forums Recent Posts. You must ogvan in or sign up to reply here. G Phrygian Shapes Example 4. Slidey Boy – backing track.

Pentatonic Scale Positions Backing Track. G Lydian Shapes Example 4.

Erotic Cakes – backing track. Arctic Roll Guthrie Govan solo. Drivin’ Blues Guthrie Govan solo. Perhaps just doing a section or two. A Brush With Basil. Guthrei Slippery Thing Back.

African Style Solo Demo 2b. Extended Scales Examples 8.

Organ Track Backing Track 2a. Orange Jam – backing track. Rhode Island Shred – backing track. Regret 9 – Guitar Solo. Alternate Picking Examples 1.

Guthrie Govan official tabs for Fives released

Organ Track Backing Track 2b. Eight Finger Tapping Example 5. Share This Page Tweet. Trial By Fire Guthrie Govan solo. Waves Live LickLibrary Webcast. G Dorian Shapes Example 4. Ner Ner – backing track. Waves Solo, Beautiful Loop. Fives Special Package Jamtrackcentral So now you can take a look at some of his sweet chromatic fusion licks. G Ionian Shapes Example 4. Your name or email address: Time to Let Her Go.


Heart of the City. Japanese Track Demo 1. G Aeolian Shapes Example 4. Guthrie Burning Jan Japanese Track Backing Track 1.