The purpose of GURPS Thaumatology is to offer solutions. Often, RPGs are accused of tying up magic in strict rules, losing its truly fantastical, magical essence. Steve Jackson Games is committed to full support of GURPS players. page for GURPS Thaumatology: Ritual Path Magic can be found at. GURPS Thaumatology contains the best 3rd Edition magic variants and adds many all-new options. The full extent of each of these chapters can be seen in the .

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In many ways, this is a manual on how write an RPG at least the magic part not just how run magical characters. For players, it presents detailed advice and all-new abilities for creating memorable wizards with meaningful differences in training and philosophy.

thahmatology After that comes a section on Ritual Magic, which is an expansion of a system suggested in Basic Set. Imbuements — With skills falling somewhere between cinematic combat skills and magic spells, Imbuements allow characters to channel an exotic force — or supernatural ability!

This one is a look at magic systems and how to best use them in your game. Preview of the PDF. Thaumatology then gives a couple of sample traditional systems, and gives ideas for using rune stones or drawing symbols fresh and the like. Age of Gold — In the world of the s, costumed crimefighters clash with cunning criminals.

This mighty tome includes: For the GM, it offers tools for giving diverse magical arts distinctive thaumatological roles in the campaign.

Just doing that provides a lot of food for thought, with a vast array of options. Detailed 4w for grouping skills, spells, and other abilities into cohesive styles. Refresh and try again. Magic as inherent powers. Also covered are all of the possibilities of great deeds, regular use and the like causing an item to become magical on its own.

Magical Creations — Get more info on musical thauatology and how to use them as the focus for magical power in the article “Instruments of Enchantment. Emory Susar rated it it was amazing Dec 10, Advice on extending all of these things to clerics and other non-wizardly spellcasters.


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A common problem with generic role-playing systems is that they often have non -generic answers to important questions. No trivia or quizzes yet. And, because the book thaumtology so deeply into different metaphysics for different conceptions of magic in gaming and fantasy fiction, you end up with a surprisingly effective treatise on the nature of magic in our world as well or at least magic as perceived by a whole slew of cultures over the ages.

Books by Phil Masters.

Jeremy rated it it was ok Jan 03, There’s some good discussion of how some traditional magical powers are represented in advantages, and there’s a couple pages of recapitulation of the basics from Powers which is good for not requiring that book for this, but is the type of repetition that 4th Ed has tried to avoid. Yes, if you buy from one of these links, Amazon pays a percentage to SJ Games!

First, ‘Verb-Noun’ magic, where every spell consists of what is being done to whom.

How to be Flexible The next chapter then gets to the idea of cutting loose from pre-defined spells completely, and gives a couple major versions of that idea. Nathan Bowerbank rated it really liked it May 17, Thaumayology this case, it simplifies the skill system down to colleges, with all the spells in the college attached directly to that. It’s mentioned that mages can potentially leave some normal parameters like duration undefined, and let his margin of success determine it.

Chinese Elemental Powers — A flavorful example of using powers to represent magical arts. Just as often, though, such groups represent philosophically distinct sects with unique magical methods, known as magical arts or styles.

GURPS Thaumatology

Secret Magic — Discover two new magical styles, both devoted in different ways to building and maintaining secrecy. Then “Mandatory and Significant Modifiers”, are more of a tool kit again.


I spent a summer taking a sabbatical from working, and decided to write myself a version of Mage the Ascension for GURPS 4th edition, using the rules from Thaumatology. Thaumatology II — A new arcane school for Thaumatology: Dan Gabrielson rated it really liked it Nov 03, Jeffrywith1e 1, 1 8 Apr 22, Christopher rated it really liked it Shelves: There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Practical tools for restructuring colleges and prerequisites. Magic Perks — new perks for wizards only! If you want subtle magic that takes a while as in the old Voodoo and Spirits booksor if you you want potentially world-altering magic like the sort of thing you’d meet in a Mage campaign, you won’t need Magic too.

Most notably, a severely range-limited hyperspace FTL system keeps it from feeling like, say, Star Trekwithout going in and completely redoing that section. Ken rated it really liked it Dec 27, If you want something like traditional dungeon-bash magic, lots of showy stuff achieved relatively quickly, you’ll want Magic thaumatoloy if you want to tweak it in detail, you’ll also want Thaumatology.

Other books in the series. The eldritch forces that empowered Merlin and Circe have emerged anew. Those who would rather not use styles will still find both Magic Perks and the advice for magicians on choosing skills and spells valuable in any GURPS fantasy campaign. Email Required, but never shown.

Magical Styles aims to bring this richness to your fantasy worlds.

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Thanks for telling us about the problem. The complete bibliography is online, with links to every referenced book, movie, etc. So the answer is “it depends on the sort tyaumatology magic you want in your game”. Fantasy settings are defined by their magic. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.