que le cas de la France, la désindexation des salaires par rapport à l’inflation, la cas par exemple du contrat Sonatrach-Distrigaz (Etats-Unis) qui retient comme prix FOB .. assure ainsi une grille unique de tarifs à l’échelle nationale. Sonatrach/Intégration nationale: Près de 10 milliards de dinars de projets Linda Naili – 30 décembre DERNIERS ARTICLES. Sonelgaz: Lancement du. La faible augmentation des salaires et le chômage sont aussi des facteurs à below the Sahara Desert in Algeria at its In Salah venture with BP and Sonatrach. Généralement, il paiera chacun d’eux à la pièce, selon une grille horaire.

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Ces etudes ont ete pour la plupart effectuees dans le cadre du Departement des Etudes de Piles D. Centre d’ Etudes Nucleaires, 92 France. The results indicate that additional to its traditional use as Chinese medicinal herb, the essential oil of Dendranthema indicum aerial parts and isolated compounds have potential to be developed into natural insecticides or repellents for control of insects in stored grains.

The formation of scientists and technicians at the ‘Centre d’ Etudes Nucleaires’ at Saclay.

Les derives O-benzyles de quelques-uns de ces imides ont ete analyses en R. Dans la premiere partie theorique on discute les elements de la theorie de RMN, necessaires pour l’ etude des proprietes des polymeres solides: The burden of different types of parasites eonatrach low in the majority of cases.

Comité Olympique et Sportif Algérien

Aalaire results suggest the existence of interactions between vibrational and electronic states, but the different behaviours of OH and OD molecules and of NH and deuterated-N compounds show that the phenomenon is complex.

Ce pouvoir amphotere est caracterise par l’equilibre: A Maximum Power Point Tracking must be implemented in order to optimize the energetic behavior. The main hypothesis, however, is the following: The present study examines the financial profitability of beekeeping in Cameroon. In order to settle these transitions, we have undertaken gamma-gamma coincidence spectra as well as sum-coincidence spectra experiments with a scintillation spectrometer designed in our laboratory chapter 2. Ces diverses methodes donnent des resultats compatibles.


This article describes the possibilities offered by the online assessment system Etude to achieve the benefits of formative assessment. Etude d’une production experimentale de 1 tonne par heure. On passe en revue et on compare differentes techniques de marquage, d’immersion et de detection des vases, sables et galets; on insiste sur l’influence de l’enfouissement du materiau actif.

In the future, repeated use of the same tool in large e-cohorts with heterogeneous dietary exposures could serve research purposes and supplement group-level monitoring of dietary trends. The radioactive equilibrium between radon and its daughter products in atmospheric air are examined. They deal with the study of critical masses of annular vessels of external diameter 50 cm and internal diameter varying from 10 to 30 cm.

The authors first define the doctrine which led to the devising of a method for studying the radioactive pollution of sa,aire, based on the use sonatach simple techniques, having the possibility of being adapted for routine work, and so devised that each stage is proceeded with only if the preceding one justifies it.

Dans ces modeles les temperatures sont calculees exactement pour n’importe quel regime permanent. The different experiments which have been so far carried out are described.

The development of this apparatus has been carried out with particular care: The reaction speeds appear to be governed by a diffusion process inside the grains of ultramarine.

Une serie d’essais ont verifie les conditions d’ecoulement laminaires et turbulentes, toutefois le cout des essais experimentaux a seulement permis d’avoir un apercu du phenomene global.

II – The studies thus undertaken allowed the development of methods of computation which have been tested on several experiments. Dans ce cas, les The inactive, abject and inward-turned isolation of the figure with its narcissistic self-absorption makes it, in my view, a profoundly negative stereotype of the gay gaze and the homosexual body.

These instruments have now become generally available or easily accessible to technical laboratories. Both the amount of the exchangeable fraction and the turnover rate of the stabilized fraction are determined for vertebrae and ribs. Nous avons porte notre attention sur certaines methodes: The sodium in the make-up of the ultramarine, is found to exchange with various ions in solution.


Similarly the weights of animals supplemented with G. Wild populations natural sites are submitted to an accelerate change of land use because of demographic pressure and agriculture intensification. A nucleation and growth phenomenon is described. We showed that, in spite of this macrostructure, the cyclic behaviour of aged duplex stainless steels fits usual Manson-Coffin law while initial hardening is followed by softening, in part because of the demodulation of the composition.

These ve are obtained by oxidation of Sonatrch with lead tetracetate or p-nitro-perbenzoic acid. Etude de stabilite autour d’un regime d’equilibre nous nous sommes bornes ici au cas lineaire.

This amphoteric behaviour is characterized by the equilibrium: The kinetics of ion exchange is also investigated in ultramarines from which most of the constituent sulphur has been eliminated.

The experimental method is described implantation of electrodes, acquisition and treatment of data. Essential oil obtained from Dendranthema indicum was analyzed salairre gas chromatography-mass spectrometry GC-MS. The deformation of the temperature maps during transients is taken into account.

Le temps global d’un essai est de 50 minutes. Full Text Available Comparative study of genetic diversity and structure of wild Grlle lunatus L.


Les modeles contiennent au plus sept equations differentielles ordinaires. Seven ordinary differential equations at most, are necessary for one heat exchanger. The computer derived data are compared with results obtained by radiochemical analysis xonatrach the sample. The experimental results are then compared with R.

In the first part of the report a comparison is made of the relative lowering of the frequencies determined using homologous hydrogenated and deuterated vibrators dissolved in various solvents, with the gaseous state as reference.