Rural Godown Scheme (RGS) or Gramin Bhandaran Yojana. The purpose of scheme include creation of scientific storage capacity with allied facilities in rural . The popular Gramin Bhandaran Yojana has been launched by the central government of India to provide facilities to small farmers so that they could get right. SBI Gramin Bhandaran Yojana Capital Investment Subsidy Scheme For Construction or Renovation Of Rural Godowns is designed to create scientific storage.

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Can anyone pls update me if any changes in Godown Subsidy.

Objective of the Scheme However, the Main goals of plan include development of technological storage space potential with allied features in non-urban places to meet out various requirements of village owners bhandarann saving village generate, prepared village generate, farming information, etc. Agmarknet is an initiative towards globalisation of Indian agriculture by the Ministry of Agriculture under Government of India.

Remember, the potential of specialized godown could be measured around 0. A network of rural godowns will enable small farmers to enhance their holding capacity in order to sell their produce at remunerative prices and avoid distress sales.

Rate of subsidy shall be: Skip to main content. It will be kept in the Subsidy Reserve Fund Account of the financing bank and shall be tax free. Hi sir, I am Mrs shantha devi age 56 years. Users can get information like explanation of the Act, prescription of grade designation, penalty of selling misgraded articles, etc. Rural godowns of smaller size upto 50 tonnes capacity will also be eligible for subsidy under the scheme as a special case based on viability analysis.

I am owning a agriculture land of 10 acreas in gugal village raichur district in karnataka. Gramkn want to construct a rural godown under Gramin Bhandaran Yojna for which I will fulfill all eligibility criteria.


Dial [Toll Free Number] for bhxndaran relating to this Schemes. I am planning to take advantage of govt.

I am planing to construct onion Storage Go downs in Anantapur district. If it is new construction, they consider for subsidy.

This portal provides detailed information on the agriculture marketing reform, marketing research, market profile, prices, agricultural commodities, commodity arrivals, contract farming, etc.

Aadhar The Unique Identification Authority The organization bhandran headed through a chairman, and he will have a cabinet position. Addresses of godowns are provided along with constitution of firm, commodity stored and capacity created. Rural godowns constructed in Food Parks promoted by the Ministry shall also be eligible. I am willing to c onstruction of godown under rural bhandaran Yojana. Users can get detailed information on rural godowns in Gujrat. Assistance for renovation of godowns will, however, be restricted to godowns constructed by cooperatives only.

Godowns exceeding 10, tonnes capacity, the subsidy would be restricted to that admissible for capacity of 10, tonnes only. Integrated Child Development Services.

Revised operational guidelines for Gramin Bhandaran Yojana | National Portal of India

Hence, an important network of non-urban bhandarsn godowns shall enable little village owners to improve their having potential especially in order to sell or purchase at remunerative costs and avoid problems sales. Banking Institutions In India.

Kindly update if any changes. But rural godowns designed in the Meals Recreational areas marketed by the Secretary of state for Meals Handling Sectors would be qualified under the plan for business-help. Yramin Remember that the Capacity of a godown could be decided by a business owner.

Revised operational guidelines for Gramin Bhandaran Yojana

Please Contact Me oni will guide you on the same. Details of objectives, salient features, pattern of assistance, pledge loan, etc.

My name is shyamalamma. Rural godowns constructed in the food parks promoted by the Ministry of Food Processing Industries shall also be eligible under the scheme for assistance.


Directorate of Marketing & Inspection (DMI)

With inputs from the Ministry bhadnaran Agriculture. Good day Can anyone pls update me if any changes in Godown Subsidy. However, in hilly places especially where the venture site is situated, size could be meters above sea levelor all the non-urban specialized godowns of little dimension of about 25 loads potential could also be qualified for subsidy-money.

The entrepreneur may obtain a licence to operate the godownif required by the State Government concerned, under the State Warehousing Act or any other relevant laws.

The entrepreneur may obtain a license to grqmin the godown under the State Ware Housing Act or any other relevant laws. However, it is including the cases of cooperatives units.

Gramin Bhandaran Yojana / Rural Godown Scheme

How much subsidy will be given? Under this scheme, the entrepreneur will be free to construct godown at any place as per commercial judgment except for the restriction that it would be outside the limits of Municipal Corporation.

Do we have subsidy facility for AP now. Vishal Hule is the founder of www. Vishal Hule is Software Engineer by profession and political enthusiast too. Is there revised policy effected to extend the investment subsidy?

Grmin discussion with Branch Manager so that you will be guided for further proceedings. As everyone knows that little village owners do not have economic strength to maintain generate with them until the market costs are positive.

Moreover, No highest possible roof on subsidy in the situation of tasks of some non-urban specialized godowns of Cooperatives helped by local NCDC organization. So far my knowledge is concerned, Agriculture departmentG.