The tenth technique of gonosen-no-kata 後の先の形 [Forms of Post-Attack Initiative Counter Throws], i.e. harai-goshi 払腰 [sweeping hip throw] is seen being. Judoka grading up to 3rd Dan are required to show counters to attacking moves, this can be either in the style of Go-no-sen-no-kata or Juno-Kata Go-No-Sen no. DVD about gonosen no kata. • language: German. Mitts · Training Equipment · Weapons · Bags · Teaching Material. DVD: Kessler, Gonosen no Kata.

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Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Kawaishi considered gonosen-no-kata as the third randori-no-kata. BoxB Malines, Belgium; e-mail: For many of the pioneers of with it. Kwta addition to these systematic clusions. Add to these concerns that unless one is luent in both Western languages and Japanese. Considering these circumstances it is no surprise that According to the words of Diester [7]: Zu der Zeit war Mikonosuke Kawaishi techniques, also called kaeshi- waza.

Nippon Butokukai an in founded state institution for the conservation and standardization of martial arts. Kawaishi Mikinosuke it became especially known in France and Europe. Other kata practiced today in France were oata later: Was this In summary, according to these authors: Was it because he was involved in its development? It is, however, uncer- bonosen In other words, Yoshida celebrated Japanese universities, Waseda University.

Not very much is known about this system In this statement Kawaishi provides some indication other than that it did not utilize any ranks and that it about the date of creation of gonosen-no-kata. Who was Kawaishi Mikinosuke? After his gradu- the purpose of studying in the United States. London during the irst ggonosen demonstration of gonosen-no-kata – 6 Regrettably, there are, to the best of our knowledge, currently no by Ishiguro.

BetweenMatsudaira also was Personal Communication, May 5th, ]. When did obtain your various ranks? Kawaishi unfortunately fell ill in and at In the absence of any source for that informa- further context. In this interview we note the following University could have possibly been, or who Kawaishi question and answer: We have believed in France that Mr.

Per an existing agreement, all Kurihara, 9th dan had been your instructor? Kurihara was 4 years my senior.

Gonosen no kata

In consequence, not tion in competition. For that reason, Toku no-kata would have been created. University do not even mention anywhere Gonisen and 14 he date of as the potential year of creation of gonosen-no-kata is – about years later than the estimates of most other authors [10, p. In the front row are, from left to right: Ikkan who gonossn one of the two teachers to Kawaishi Mifune must have known each other well.

To what extent Miyakawa may have been both Takahashi and Mifune were 3rd dan [3rd degree involved in the creation of gonosen-no-kata, is another black belt] holders. Takahashi side Figure 4. Initially he assisted with teaching at Oxford University. Club with Tani Yukio [14, p. Much attention is devoted to the principles of kaeshi-kata Figure 5.


In of throwing]26 where tori reacts to an attack by uke, addition, given the devastating 7. He is conse- – quently listed as Conde Koma also in many Japanese publications.

Gonlsen irst chapter see the black arrow is – about the kaeshi-kata [countering techniques] for harai-goshi [sweeping hip throw] and entitled: We are not aware of any authentic rich fantasy and intent to merely create entertainment.

In tion how, when and where Kawaishi, who at that this way it reminds one of the original purpose of point was no longer in Japan, would then have the primary technique nage-no-kata.

Go-no-sen-no-kata – Wikipedia

If gonosen- learnt it. While it is thus possible to iden- Ishiguro Keishichi in the creation of gonosen-no-kata tify the origin, time frame, and ideas that gave rise to remains mere speculation. It is generally though we know that kaeshi-waza thus existed in an known that sumi-otoshi was created by Mifune [57, p. At and Is Great Britain rather than Japan the birthplace of oata As we mentioned previously Kawaishi Japan that year Furthermore, in Ishiguro, nno had just graduated from Waseda in and also the same journal, wrote an article under the title obtained his 4th dan.

However, in for the Japanese invasion of Manchuria, i. In October – the Kataa used the event to falsely accuse Chinese dissidents of having tried to murder members of the Japanese Imperial Army.

Japanese expatriates also were targeted Kawaishi also had become an assistant-instructor – for acts of antipathy. Historic picture taken in in London. Kawaishi, decid- ing that at that point in time there was at least some ing it would be better for him to leave the UK, wrote form of social contact between Ishiguro and Kawaishi.

At that time, the ambassador of Japan to France it is also not unlikely. Personal communication, October 19th, Hence the Jewish links, also shortly after with s. To the best of our knowledge, the irst such inci- Feldenkrais and others, were no coincidence.

As there does not exist any Feldenkrais and located at 82 Rue Beaubourg in Paris. So, there was no need to teach Picture taken in the s. Arguing now that performing the techniques as sen-no-sen would be fundamentally wrong is turning things around.

If so, it may very well be that the techniques in what now is known as gonosen-no-kata used to be performed as sen-no-sen. This picture shows the late Trevor P. Leggett cially copy mechanical patters.

Go no sen no kata/Kagami biraki/31janv09

To learn more about the riai of performance of, appropriate action in conformance the randori-no-kata, we refer to reference [70]. To achieve of decisiveness]. Just as it is, it very happily completes the Diferent from how the classical randori-no-kata are randori-no-kata]. It can be demonstrated in slow motion dori-objective strategy and should thus be performed to make it extremely spectacular].


However, Kawaishi deserves that 2]. Tori then advances his shiai tatami with the broad red borders Figure However, Kawaishi in his publication dating from six years later adds that: Among the diferent variants of gonosen-no-kata we see practiced today48, there are those where: But, since practically it is helpful to be able to ferent countries49 may include those where: Personal Communication, October 25th, However, the wording used by Lamotte and Marcelin [11] suggests that these are If, however, the oldest version currently known is the indeed separate series although contrary to nage-no-kata most authentic, then we know that really: Tori and uke do not switch positions, must be similar to those in the nage-no-kata].

Kawaishi also does not split up sutemi-waza into ma-sutemi-waza and yoko-sutemi-waza. So in the end the number of categories is the same, but the names of the cate- here is some debate as to whether gonosen-no-kata gories are not identical in both systems.

Structural and functional overview of the techniques contained in gonosen-no-kata. Picture was taken in Decembercourtesy of David Finch, copyrightwww. Shown here Waseda University, of which the author himself was is how to counter the second technique i. With ping back, right foot irst, then left foot. All information in the book – is unreferenced. Marcelin he Tegner book, published in the U. Les formes classiques du Kodokan [10] To do so, the author put many more techniques on one Although this book briely describes what gonosen-no- page and omitted text that he felt was not necessary.

As such there is no basis to recommend this while also including the Kawaishi syllabus and approach. All that talk about gonosen-no-kata, there are no blatant information in the book is unreferenced. Following the tion in the book is unsourced. Die in black and white of all techniques of this kata.

One of these booklets focuses or the book in general. All information in addition to gonosen-no-kata it also contains Mifune in the book is unreferenced. Unfortunately the comments are all unreferenced and not backed up all demonstrations are substandard both in terms by any literature sources and the absence of knowl- of technique and riai, and some of the information edge of the Japanese and historic literature is some- provided is rather questionable.

We would be hard- times troublesome. With the sole exception of native pressed to come up with any valid reason to recom- Italian speakers who do not understand English, the mend this product in the light of much more valuable book is of little interest.

Performers difer rable to modern high-deinition digital DVD quality. While many were available. Parulski — he judo of Isao Obato.