God Is A Bullet [Boston Teran] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Praise. “A shotgun thriller with the cocksure timing of a professional hit.” –The New York Times Book Review “[A] BRILLIANTLY PACED, SUSPENSE-PACKED . “Boston Teran writes like an angel, shining a clear light on the deeds of the devil in this hunt-and-chase thriller. GOD IS A BULLET is a stunner of a suspense.

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I read this book when it was first published, and it blew me away. Sep 23, Chris rated it liked it. It was also about love, lust, religion, and gox. It was a psychological study of what people have to do to survive in a less than perfect world.

Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. How about Josh Brolin as the lead.

God Is a Bullet by Boston Teran | : Books

Occasionally that shit took me out of the filthy world I’d been drawn into and annoyed me. I’ve read it about 5 times. Just avoid making this your introduction to him and draw your own conclusions.

This book hits the darkness from the noston and never lets up. However, for those readers, of which I am one, who can take themselves out of their comfortable, mundane existences and allow themselves to accept that true evil exists in this world, and that heroes are not always pure and righteous, but often damaged, as are the protagonists in this story, then this book will enthrall and captivate.


Grace under fire, poise under pressure. I don’t need that crap. I have ordered back copies of all of Boston Terans other books after reading this. It’s a bit exhausting, a tiny bit revolting, billet very much challenging to read God Is A Bullet. Apparently, its based off a trip Boston Teran who, full disclosure, may not even be a real person made while working as some sort of fixer to rescue a young girl from a cult in Mexico.

There’s more in there like that.

God is a Bullet

Good story, dark, gritty bullwt hell, interesting characters. It just wasn’t me. He has been named alongside great American writers like Hemingway and Larry McMurtry, as well as filmmakers John Ford and Sam Peckinpah, for his singular voice and ability to weave timely social and political themes into sweeping page turners that pierce straight i Boston Teran is a pseudonym for the internationally acclaimed author of eleven novels, many of them translated into foreign languages.

Case teams up with Bob and the chase is on.

God Is a Bullet

This book was nicely written and the story was interesting. Why do I like hard bostno books? You know what Boston Teran wants you to know? Somewhat reminescent of david lindsey’s first stuff, that is. I have a reading challenge to compare the winners of the this award with the Winners of the Edgar Award for best first novel.


This was an amazing debut novel. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. First off, what a violent, bloody, horrific but immersive book this is. Open Preview See a Problem? Beyond this, the writing style grated on my nerves.

Teran’s first book, and still bullt best.

Aug 22, Martin Stanley rated it really liked it. Kill the sonsabitches that require killing and get on with the narrative Hardin, like just about everyone else in this overblown blood-splatterer, clogs her crude soliloquies about evil and social complacency with obscenities and rock-—n—-roll lyrics. A small-town cop teams up with a former member of a southern California Satan-worshiping cult who helps him take back his kidnaped daughter.

This is also the first time reading this author that I found myself looking forward to being finished. This remains for now the absolutely worst book I’ve ever read, but the future is open.