Gocycle GS – Owner’s Manual (EN) – English. Tom. 4 months ago; Updated. Follow. Download the latest Gocycle GS Owner’s Manual. Gocycle GS Owners. Technical Bulletins, Owner’s Manuals and Documentation. GreenMiles is your Official Gocycle Partner for the Benelux. To meet the growing demand for mobility in and between urban areas, GreenMiles is convinced that.

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Gocycle User Manual & FAQ

Carefully push the brake pads from the top of the calliper, as shown. With the quick release inserted, rotate clockwise to tighten Close the quick release lever. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.

Do not use the battery with any other product.

Fleet management and Tour Operators If you operate a fleet of Gocycles that are lent to people who are not accustomed to the Gocycle or are running a tour operating service with the Gocycle as the chosen vehicle we msnual highly recommend fitting the tamper proof security bolts.

How do I find out how much charge is left in the battery? Doing so may result in injury. Do I need to remove the battery from the frame for charging. Keep 2 cam levers in the closed position and open one cam lever fully manal that the back edge touches the next closed cam lever.

Before charging the battery, allow it to cool completely. When changing a tyre, always use plastic tyre levers. It is recommended that the battery is completely discharged accidentally. Lift the front wheel so that is it off the ground. This will ensure your safety and that your Gocycle is operating optimally.

The handlebar stem adjuster has two positions: Do I need to fully recharge the battery before charging?

Manuals – About Gocycle – GREENMILES® Official Gocycle Partner

Should you discover a fatigue crack gcoycle than 3mm long, or should you suspect that a component may have received an impact in an unusual way—such as if the product has been dropped—do not ride your Gocycle and immediately contact techsupport gocycle.


There are companies that claim this function, but this leads to a rise in the price of goods, complicates the construction of the bicycle and increases its weight. When this is displayed, the Gocycle will default to Power Save mode. A city atmosphere can be a gocyfle environment made worse with high humidity. Daytime Running Light drl 6. Like all lithium-ion batteries, you can recharge it to full charge. Diagnosis Modes Your Gocycle is pre-programmed with a number of modes to assist in fault diagnosis, should an issue occur.

Page 44 During riding when using the motor, the battery charge level will decrease over time, with fewer LEDs displayed accordingly. From time to time, we need to make you aware of important announcements regarding the correct maintenance and servicing of your Gocycle.

Gocycle G3 Owner’s Manual

Where can I buy a new battery? How long does a fully charged battery last? How do I know if the battery is fully charged? Check the hub gear goccle adjustment every miles km or 6 months. Top position Use the top position for aft adjustment. Adjusting The Brakes As with all hydraulic brakes, for the best possible performance, we recommend that the hydraulic brakes on your Gocycle are focycle every 12 months. Regular checks will ensure best possible performance for your Gocycle.

Bicycle tyres do not last forever. From time to time, it might be necessary to adjust your shifting; for example, if you gocylce a noise from your rear hub or your Gocycle is not holding in gear. For more details, see www. During riding when using the motor, the battery charge level will decrease over time, with fewer LEDs displayed accordingly.

The following section is for reference. Do not attempt to ride your Gocycle without re-installing the brake pads and securing split pin.


When the tread depth is critically low and the centreline grooves in the tyre have worn down in any part of the tyre, it may be dangerous to continue to ride on the tyre, and in this event, we recommend that you replace the tyre. No, it’s not necessary.

Page 52 See gocyclle. The warranty for the battery is 12 months, but its service life also depends on the conditions of use of the bicycle, and on how it is operated and how it is yocycle.

As soon as the battery is fully charged – disconnect it from the mains. As per the pre-ride checks there must be a maximum of 10mm free play measured at the tip of the cam lever when open. Tighten to a torque of 3—4Nm. Today, technologies do not yet provide an opportunity to achieve high results in the effective resolution of this issue.

Do not discard any of the battery packaging materials.

Such risks are increased in busy, urban environments with moving traffic. The battery hocycle is displayed on the built-in bike dashboard display. Continue reading for important assembly advice, including how to register your Gocycle.

Unless you register your Gocycle, after 60 miles kmyour Gocycle motor will cease to operate.

Failure to inspect the hub gear bearing adjustment may have serious consequences and could result in serious bodily injury or even death. If the Gocycle is stationary including when on charge for more than one minute 60 secondsthe display screen saver will be shown. Page 49 The following sections explain the differences between the riding modes and how to select them. Take Care during Assembly Remove the three black rubber grommets as indicated by the arrows.