gnugk [-hdrt] [-c filename] [-s section] [-l n] [-b n] [-u name] [-d name] [-rr] [-o filename] [–pid filename] [–core A detailed explanation can be found in the manual. /etc/default/gnugk /etc/ /etc/init.d/gnugk /usr/sbin/addpasswd /usr/ sbin/gnugk /usr/share/doc-base/gnugk-manual /usr/share/doc/gnugk/changelog. Open Phone Abstraction Library (OPAL) is a C++ multi-platform, multi-protocol OpenH This project has been superseded by OpalVoip Rocket.

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Disconnect all calls of a registered endpoint by one of its manua. For security reasons the GUI must be run as a standalone application or served by a web server on the same IP number as the gatekeeper you cannot run it as an applet via a local file.

Ubuntu Manpage: gnugk — The GNU Gatekeeper

Interfacing external extensions If you don’t want to publish the source code to additional features, just publish the core functionality and interface to it through the status interface and keep the external part private.

Yell [message text] Example: With this fnugk enabled the conflicting request will cause an unregister request URQ to be sent for the existing IP address and the entry to be removed, allowing the endpoint to register with the new address. To the best of our knowledge, the GNU Gatekeeper Project has a valid gnkgk for all its releases, but users making derived versions of this code must ensure that they have a valid license before enabling those features. In the following example, the gateway “test-gw” will be responsible for prefixes “02” and “03” with a priority of 3, and for “04” with a priority of 1.

The gatekeeper can automatically detect whether an endpoint is behind NAT.


The GNU Gatekeeper Manual Chapter 7

GWPrefixes] This section configures how dialed E. It is a communications standard for audio, video, and data over the Internet. The values are collected through H. If using PacPhone you can also add wildcards for the client to use so the clients HID and password can be used to directly access their account information. Disconnect all calls of a registered endpoint by one of its endpoint identifier.

This command is similar to RouteToGateway, but you can also specify which IP of a multi-homed server to use for the outgoing call. AcctConfig – reload only the accounting config AuthConfig – reload only the authentication config CapConfig – reload only the CapacityControl rules EpConfig – reload only the endpoint config permanent endpoints, endpoint section, call table settings Example: Specify the trailing character to be removed in destinationInfo.

The GNU Gatekeeper Manual Chapter 1

You can monitor the registrations and calls that go through the gatekeeper. You may have multiple gatekeepers for a specific prefix. The registrations will keep all alias types listed in the filter setting and remove all others.

Route this call on a virtual queue to the specified alias. A PDF gnugi can be found in the download section.

In this example messages from the You can choose the transfer method with the optional last parameter. All other registered endpoints will be unregistered, no new registrations or calls are accepted. Show details of all current calls. Port MessageType; Manul for an external application to route an incoming call on a virtual queue. Tue, 26 Nov This is the manual for GNU Gatekeeper 5. Gatekeeper based call transfer using TCS0 pause and reroute.

You can use this command to route calls to out-of-zone gateways or MCUs not registered with the gatekeeper. The messages sent by the gatekeeper to the status port are grouped into three output trace levels: Filtering is done using regular expressions which are used to decide whether to include show or exclude ignore an output message.


If you do so, the callID parameter must be present. Forcefully unregister an endpoint manula one of its aliases.

GNU Gatekeeper – Manual

By default GnuGk will ignore this address and respond to the IP and port where it has received the request from. Who Show all people on the status port. It controls which messages are sent to this client: You can optionally also set the numeric H. No RIP is sent when the delay ist set to 0. The settings in this section may be updated by reloading the configuration while the gatekeeper is running. What you do with the powers of the Status Interface is up to you, but here are a few ideas: Specify that the endpoint with alias is behind NAT.

According to the H. A manual for your version is in your GnuGk download archive. Monitoring the Gatekeeper Disconnect a call with given number internal, gatekeeper assigned call number, not the caller’s, callee’s phone number.

AssignedGatekeeper] This allows the assigning of a gatekeeper based upon the HID or the apparent source IP address of the registering endpoint. TransferCall ee-ab-8fdfe-ceec caller Peter. The very latest source code is in the git repository. MakeCall MakeCall joe