The Ginza Rba – The Mandaean Scriptures, part of a vast collection of materials dealing with Gnosis and Gnosticism, both ancient and modern. The site includes . Mandaeans’ holy book the “Ginza Rba”. The Ginza names this tractate as raza usidra qadmaia d-Suta haita qadmaita “The Mystery and the First Book of the First. The Ginza Rabba or Great Treasure is Mandaeans’ largest collection of religious principles and instructions. According to their beliefs, the Ginza was the first.

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If it is for several souls that he has recited read as written, but if for a single soul say “the soul of N. And he shall go up before thee on to the bank. In Augustthe Archive announced that it has added BitTorrent to its file download options for over 1. Moreover, before any Nasoraean who retains his pandama whilst performing a baptism, a vein of the Great Wellspring will heap up and all that he doeth will be confirmed.

Meet is it to praise, honour, magnify and bless Biriawis, the strong source kanaThe Kana took thought so that its radiance increased.

Ginza Rabba – Google Books

Raising my eyes and lifting up my countenance toward the Place which is all portals of radiance, light, glory, beauty, repute and honour and to the Abode which is all beams of light; I adore, laud and praise the Mighty, Strange other-worldly life, and the Second Life and the Third Life; and Yufin-Yufafin, Sam-Mana-Smira, and the Vine which is all Life and the great Tree tabba is all healings.

Meet is it to praise, honour, magnify and bless Silmai and Nidbaitwo ‘uthras Delegates of Manda-d-Hiia Who are active and do the work of the Life. I sought in prayer raabba First Life, and, in the presence of the mighty sublime Life, discovered that which offendeth in myself, in meAdam-Yuhana son of Mahnush and about what which causeth my friends to offend, and my friends’ friends and ginzx friends of the great Family of Life. And they shall descend behind thee and shall submerge three times.


Isles of the seal why were ye thrown into confusion? And he read all the hymns and homilies unto their end and recited “Blessed and praised be Life” of Shum son of Noah and “Good is the good for the good”.

Recite this “Yukasar chose her who passeth over” over the “water of prayer” and wine when they are mingled together. She said to him, “Rise up, look, Framer-of-Bodies; The hollow of thy hand is filled with water! On him whom thou hast healed, do thou, My lord, bestow soundness. Meet it is to praise, honour, magnify and bless The pure Yusamin who resteth upon The treasures of the waters And upon mighty wellsprings of light.

Ginza Rba – Wikipedia

And when wickedness oppressed them, they beheld his radiance, and some of the celestial fruits appeared to them, the strength and name of the Ineffable One Who is all light was revealed to them and some of His glory was communicated to them and Knowledge of Life Manda-d-hiia was revealed to all who love his name of Truth at the place which is wholly inhabited by those convicted of sin.

My elect, ye shall say “Blessed be the Voice of Life And praised be the great Beam which is all light!

The Lord of Tolls will not confront you Nor will lying judges put you to the question. Thou wilt bring us some of Thy radiance, thou wilt lend us some of Thy light. If ye take seas for your drinking They will not make you perfect content you.

Preview — Ginza Rabba by Anonymous. And he came up out of the jordan and completed it the hymn. And the name by which she was called was ‘diia, daughter of Adam son of Sa’ad-Juwiri. In the names of Yusmir the First Vine, from whom Yawar took a staff of water and went to the bank of the jordan, covered, as it were, with radiance and clothed in light. Then I worship, laud and praise Pirun, that great occult first Vine from whom there emanated eight hundred and eighty eight thousand myriads of ‘uthras.

Manichaeism — Manichaeism was a major religious movement that was founded by the Iranian prophet Mani in the Sasanian Empire. A letter, communication communion and purity came to me from the House of Life. A wreath from the Vine Ruaz He will set on the heads Of those souls called on, signed, and raised up by this masiqta; And the souls of our fathers, our teachers, our brothers and our sisters, of those who have departed the body and those who are yet in the body.


He placed me between his knees And pronounced over me the name of the Mighty Life. May the gate of sin be barred to them and the gate of light be open for them. At present, there are two published Mandaic-language editions of the Ginza published by Mandaeans themselves.

Ginza Rabba

rxbba Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Above your head there will be fruit, And there, at your time and season Your manas will be set up in the Light.

He placed me fabba his knees And pronounced over me the name of the Mighty Life He passed into the mountain before me; He cried loudly that I might hear, That I might hear he cried loudly, ‘If there is strength in thee, Soul, come!

He may go in his clothes and roll in his filth! The eighth letter corresponds to the Semitic heth, and is called eh, a similar situation exists for the sixteenth letter, e, which usually represents e at the beginning of a word or, when followed rsbba wa or ya, represents initial u or i respectively. My library Help Advanced Book Search. I have written them here and have distributed them to a hundred Nasoraeans in order that they may hold to and be staunch to them.

Great is thy name and praised is thy name! Books can be attributed to “Anonymous” for several reasons: Dunlap place vinza in the 1st century. Before Thee, all hands are thieving and all lips lying; In Thine eyes, Manda-d-Hiia even Jordan-waters are hinza cleansing.

Their journey is to the Place of Light.