This industry-focused introduction to the CATIA V5 FEA toolset takes users from first principles through a range of real-world examples. The course starts with. This industry focused introduction to the CATIA V5 FEA toolset takes users from first principles through a range of real-world examples. The course starts with. Open the CATIA Analysis and simulation -> General Structural As soon as you enter the Generative Structural Analysis workbench, the part is.

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Extended vibration analysis GPS can calculate the natural frequencies and associated mode shapes of parts, allowing designers to understand the vibration characteristics of their designs including potential areas of resonance.

As indicated earlier, a smaller mesh could result in a more accurate solution; however, this cannot be done indiscriminately. The elements must be small in the regions of high stress gradient such as stress concentrations. The user can choose the number of modes and frequencies to be calculated and can animate the deformations of the mode shapes.

Generative Structural Analysis

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Rules, checks and formulae can be used to define best practices and ensure that aanlysis performed are compliant with corporate standards. This can be carried out by pointing the cursor to the top of the three, the Links Manager. My Distributed force is N. The deformed shape can be plotted and the displacements scaled to ensure that they are visible.

Any of the principal stresses or the von Mises stress can be plotted. Product Overview Product Highlights Product Key Customer Benefits Product Overview Generative Part Structural Analysis GPS allows designers to understand how their designs behave and to accurately calculate the displacements and stresses within the part under a variety of loading conditions. In FEA, restrains refer to applying displacement boundary condition which is achieved through the Restraint toolbar.


The color and the length of arrows represent the size of the displacement. However, more experienced users can control the meshing algorithm, allowing the trade-off between computational time and the quality of the results to be optimized.

Controlled accuracy Normally, GPS automatically creates a finite element mesh and adapts the mesh to ensure that the results are accurate with little or no user input. Provides rapid and accurate assessment of stress, displacement, and vibration characteristics. The course starts with single part analysis via the GPS workbench then continues onto assembly analysis GAS workbenchintroducing the required functions and essential methods that are key to building representative models and avoiding common mistakes.

In the Compute box leave the defaults as All which means everything is computed. Very nice post, thanks. To run the analysis, you need to use the Compute toolbar by selecting the Compute icon.

Von Mises Stress is also on Image toolbar. The course includes a mixture of presentation and tutorial, enabling students to gain hands-on experience.

The non-structural mass distribution associated with the part can be defined using linear density, surface mass density, and point masses. Other products can be combined with GPS to provide additional design analysis capabilities and to provide more advanced analysis and finite element modeling capability appropriate for analysis specialists. This website uses cookies to improve user experience. This course is ideal for engineers who want to analyse the structural behaviour of the parts and products they create.


When you put the force be attention when you chose the direction of it. Please contact us to arrange a suitable training date.

Straightforward analysis definition The analysis specifications, including loads, restraints, and material characteristics are applied directly to the design features. These specifications are then automatically incorporated into the underlying finite element model, meaning that datia do not have to work directly with the finite element model.

CATIA V5-6R2016 drives higher Design excellence

CATIA V5 Analysis users can store, manage, and version all the data associated with their product’s simulation and share the information within the extended enterprise. This means that the boundary conditions cannot be applied to nodes and elements.

GPS is ideal for designers who are not experts in finite element analysis. No boundary between design and analysis GPS is an easy-to-use tool tailored to designers and design engineers. The displacements, stresses and local solution error can be visualized using contour plots, which can be displayed on either the undeformed or the deformed shape of the part.

CATIA V5 Generative Structural Analysis

This unique capability allows collaboration and provides access to advanced PLM practices structufal as concurrent engineering and change management. The course overview provides details of the topics covered in each lecture. The Clamp conditions mean that the displacements in all three directions are zero. A very important thing that you must know is to find the Proprieties of a material.