The Epic Hero- Beowulf. quote. Beowulf- Tis better for a man to avenge his friends than to spend his days lamenting. from book two page 4. Summary Book one-. Dark and visceral, the graphic novel version of Beowulf created by Gareth Hinds is considered to be one of the most successful adaptations of. 1 • Beowulf Teachers’ Guide adapted and illustrated by. GARETH HINDS. HC: PB: CANDLEWICK PRESS.

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If there is a lesson to be learned from Beowulf and his story, however, I’m afraid it escapes me, hence the three star garerh. As we first open this volume, we are met with the illustrator’s notes regarding the chosen translation as well as a vocabulary bank to help guide us through some of the more obtuse lan Beowulf is a difficult thing to review and perhaps even more difficult to accurately interpret given its multitude of translations and revisions with various intentions in mind.

Hinds’ interpretation of the titular character is faithful and no liberties are seemingly taken. Speeches filled with courage and sadness, lightning-paced contests of muscle and will, and funeral boats burning on the fjords are all rendered in glorious and gruesome detail.

There’s some really great double-page spreads that you can’t look away from too. Mail Web More Posts 6.

An unfortunate telling of Beowulf, lacking all the nuances that make the story great. It is a great story simply because it is the oldest and the most original story of its kind and therefore is the father to all great epic stories of warriors, dragons, and kingdoms. Almost immediately one of the warriors shoots an arrow through its head as the other men run it through with their spears.

Even for a strong reader with an excellent translation, Beowulf is not an easy read on the first go.

Gareth Hinds, Beowulf () | The Grinnell Beowulf

Then he must contend with Grendel’s mother, when she comes to avenge her son’s fate; the third chapter deals with the mournful end to the hero’s life, resulting from a battle with an enormous dragon. A beautiful peace of literature if I have ever seen one. I did find some scenes difficult to follow but this is more related to the fact that I am unfamiliar with the layout of graphic novels and not due to the work itself.


Jus Take me back to a time where men where brave and monsters ruled the earth. Hinds’s angular perspectives and unusual color palettes dark, ruddy colors, deep burgundy blood, and not a ray of sunshine in sight lend the book an almost overwhelming sense of menace. In my book, that makes this successful.

Gareth Hinds’ Beowulf

Beowulf is certainly heroic as he battles the formidable Grendel, Grendel’s mother and a fearsome dragon before he ultimately perishes.

An excellent version of the Beowulf saga, making it accessible to all. Feb 20, Gabrielle rated it it was ok. You can purchase Beowulf by Gareth Hinds on Amazon. The most browulf thing about this work is that bwowulf attempts to bring the classic poem to the attention of young adults.

Refresh and try again. Jul 24, Sam rated it really liked it Shelves: Speeches filled with courage and sadness, lightning-paced contests of muscle and will, and funeral boats burning on the fjords are all rendered in glorious and gruesome detail. This slapstick addition provides a humanizing moment in the text as it portrays the indiscretion of even privileged members of the court.

I knew the images were important, but my classically trained brain couldn’t help but to focus primarily on the words — until that strategy failed.

Book ratings by Goodreads. In the first seventy lines alone we are introduced to numerous characters with names like Scyld Scefing, Beow who, mind you, is not BeowulfHealfdane, and Heorogar. I feel that children’s fiction writers gateth have to be particularly conscious and careful of what they say. But I wanted to love it more, and what I didn’t love was the text.

Gareth Hinds, Beowulf (2007)

To view it, click here. This stock character is as boring a representation of Christendom as I’ve ever encountered. The Best Books of Beowulf is a Grecian exaggeration of what is a traditional male warrior. Church — a vernacular rendering, concise and eminently readable. Aug 28, Ali rated it really liked it. This is a welcome addition for high school students, rusty readers, and non-English majors.



The pictures certainly helped me follow the story. BeowulfGraphic Classics. Is this dragon creeping forward or merely a beast chasing its own tail? You are commenting using your WordPress. Grendel and his mother were suitably monstrous, and I did enjoy the dark spatters across whole panes to indicate the wanton slaughter and maiming.

Another touch that I enjoyed particularly — in the night scenes with a sky backdrop, Hinds has used a map of the constellations, with their names, in a blue verging on purple that is the perfect contrast to the browns and grays of the main action.

This adaptation simplifies the tale of Beowulf and breaks it down into three easy-to-grasp events. Beowukf smart and well done are the fight scenes with Grendel, Grendel’s mother, and the dragon. You are commenting using your Facebook account. In fact, it seems to be a very accurate rendition of Beowulf as I remember it from school-boring, confusing, and at times, disgusting.

In one fast, absorbing read, we manage to get an overwhelming sense of Beowulf as tragically a hero, condemned to perform, all his days, yet not able to bring his public what they gareeth need, which is a lasting peace, an end to the eternal human conflict that hero-worship in fact only encourages.

Beowulf Graphic Novel : Gareth Hinds :

First we’ll discuss the pallet. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here About Robert Tilendis Robert M. The dirty browns and beaten tans are offset by the flat metal glint of chain-mail and swords. View Full Version of PW.