Full Blooded (Jessica McClain) [Amanda Carlson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In the vein of Kelley Armstrong and Patricia Briggs, . It’s not easy being a girl. It’s even harder when you’re the only girl in a family of werewolves. But it’s next to impossible when your very existence spells out the. Jessica McClain series detials and buy links.

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Series by Amanda Carlson. Kate Daniels Ilona Andrews. Except, one day, Jess shifts. And I have to say that after reading the novella I am fulk excited about her full length book! I will definitely get the next book in the series, would have it on hold already but I’ve reached the limit of holds allowed.

Full Blooded (Jessica McClain, book 1) by Amanda Carlson

After the bloody battle, Jessica is attacked on the Compound, almost killed by a stronger Alpha-born wolf. She wakes up and finds she’s in the middle of a storm. Her father is supposed to be all powerful but anyone could see a mile off that Hank and his son weren’t going to be loyal to Jessica. Farlson us by creating an account and start getting the best experience from our website! There are very few good werewolf books out there.

Talk about high octane reading! As soon as she meets him it’s instant chemistry tempered with a lot of suspicion on her part, not that anyone has told her wolf the plan.

And as Devin slowly befriends people of these new races, his discomfort in his role grows. Morgan Kingsley Jenna Black.


Other authors can write a perfectly chilling antagonist beautifully, but the ones in this book were more of a flop than anything else. Jessica’s pack believes she is the one who will bring destruction; so, she is constantly targeted by the pack.

Published September 11th by Orbit first published January 1st In this book Jessica does not shift, though we don’t know if that may change But to start I should mention that this series is primarily made up around werewolves yaybut Carlson offers her own unique take to werewolves.

Red Blooded Amanda Carlson. Arcadia Bell Jenn Bennett. LOVED-even with it being a short teaser.

Full Blooded

The book starts with a bang worst “wake up call” ever and just keeps going. Who would say is your inspiration? With the help of her dead sister, newspaper clippings and reconstructed memories, she must find a way to get through to him. Jessica feels she has to constantly defend her desire to leave the compound and give her reasons for what some feel have not been smart choices. Gin Blanco Jennifer Estep.

Werewolves mate with human females and can, usually, only give birth to males. Hot Blooded Amanda Carlson.

We are told there are other supernaturals in this world, ones that Jessica’s dad worries about coming after her. There are certain superstitious werewolves who think Jessica means an end to cralson race – and they’re not about to go down without a fight. There is a cliffhanger that left me feeling a little deflated though.

Well, it’s not just Jessica, but she’s a start.


The narrative was also rough in a few places. Until now though she has been living in relative obscurity under an alias to keep her safe, but her first change hits her and all hell breaks loose as different sects of the supernatural world seem to want to get their hands on her, including the very sexy Posted on Under the Covers Jessica McClain is one of a kind; a female werewolf the first one ever born unfortunately the rest of her race doesn’t view this as varlson miracle, instead thinking she is the daughter of evil and will destroy their race.

Hot Bloooded Jessica McClain. I would have loved to hear a little more about what motivated the other characters. Full Blooded is the first installment in what I predict to be the next big werewolf phenomenon. The reality is that nothing and no one is safe. My only thing left to say is: It is and Philadelphia is burning.

I thought she was fun and smart without being too snarky or cocky. She stands up for herself, doesn’t take anyone’s crap and even though she might be at a disadvantage she will put her all into kicking your ass if you get in her face.

I needed a shower.

Or if you prefer, a powerful Sorceress of Enchantment. How did that come about?