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Then the complete exhaust system was removed and carburation and ignition were carefully re-opimized for the pipe-less engine.

I prefer an open rulebook though. My recommendation for crankcase volume is bigger is better than smaller in moderation anything that adds extra airflow always adds power. On a flow bench with a constant stream of air you cannot measure this; you need a pulsating air stream to establish the effect of the length. I’ll term it cylinder purity? We are very proud to have you on Pit-Lane! Posted by Thomas H at 6: For those of you who are less familiar with it: LucF Nombre de messages: You may be wondering about waves running up and down the tailpipe.

Frist je prendrai des cours d’Anglais dans une prochaine vie.

If you see the small cylinder as a sample and with his story in Kickstart, I infer that he must have been very advanced. Then, friits on a thermally sound engine, we can put one wrong parameter main jet, ignition advance, or squishwithout an engine failure. After some experimentation I discovered that at low speeds the intake charge went directly out the exhaust, so there was no such thing as low end torque.

It was a lot of work and did reduce the volume of the cases substantially but resulted in less overmmars. A steeper reflector will send a shorter pulse with a higher amplitude and a shorter duration back to the engine. Secondly, as the incoming charge is much cooler and denser than the burnt exhaust gases in the cylinder, the centrifugal effect separates the two: Setting a load and getting the bike stabled is the complete opposite of matching track conditions, and will cause huge differences in the Exhaust Gas Temperature better not assume that everybody is familiar with english technical abbreviations on this french-speaking forum, Wallace.


But according to the abovementioned I suppose I was wrong.

Bucket Racing Fabrication

Sabijator Nombre de messages: So if you have a crankshaft with a 40 mm stroke and a 16 mm big end pin, the web diameter should be at least 72 mm. Altought the news has gone, a well operating system will be the next challence to realise. The only thing I can lvermars are comparisons between fritts coils. May be this can be done on the sound, because the human ear is very sensitive for small differences.

The ratio between the two transfer angle-areas gives an impression of the rpm that should be attainable It was very interesting to see the major differences in the transfer designs. I know that this is also depending on other factors like ignition und cooling surface and so on, but I think there is a approximate value, isn’t it? In fact it helps if the inlet duct downstream of the disc offers a sudden cross flow area increase, by way of a step, opening at the trailing side.

For me nice to get much reaties which were all answered. The slowing down of the charge jets is not a job for the ducts; the jets should slow each other down when they collide in the cylinder.

I was looking at these with the optimal transfer design being based on the RSA cylinder and the comments made by Frits and Jan in their posts on the Pit-Lane and KiwiBiker boards along with Frits article on transfers I posted. There was an abundance of comments on the forums, most of all at Kreidler. I will not reveal too much about pulsed flow benches because you keep spelling my first name as Fritz instead of Frits. Yes, it is sad that people who understand incredibly little about motorcycle racing Dorna – Espeleta are blinded by the big money that goes around in Formula 1, and try to ‘improve’ the motorcycle GPs in the same direction.


Those waves are like birds flying against a storm: Eccelstone was bemoaning the lack of noise from the lastest F1 cars, Bernie thinks he can change the exhaust for more noise. Therefore the temperature of the exhaust stays to low and so the speed can not increase further. I plan to run VM44 carburetors. Page 25 sur It seems to mainly be aimed at the marine industry for boat hull repair. Page 13 sur Not every text in Frots, may be later. Frits, thanks for the overmas That is what happened when we once tried a spark plug without mass electrode.

Bucket Racing Fabrication

Do you pay my energy bills and my coke? One thing you do not want in the scavenging flow is turbulence. The way you formulated that question gave me a headache Manuel. Does the engine need this? Vented to the atmosphere. Is there justification to neck it down or do you believe that the inlet should be at least as large diameter as the carbs?

Saturday, January 7, Port Molds with Composimold. If it would fail, I lost 2 month work in prepearing my racing engines for the comming year.

There is a reliable way of measuring turbulence: Below are some pics of a cylinder layout with FOS-scavenging.