The Robbers, drama in five acts by Friedrich Schiller, published in and produced in as Die Räuber. Set in 16th-century Germany, The Robbers. The The Robbers Community Note includes chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis, character list, theme list, historical context, author by Friedrich Schiller . An analysis of THE ROBBERS, a play by Friedrich Schiller.

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The Robbers

He was also a translator and a magazine editor. Schiller raises many disturbing issues in the play. The last installment was the most enjoyable to me, probably because it was the only one with any action to it. But seriously, this isn’t a bad translation as far as translations go.

Amalia came and hugged Maximilian. Revenge is the main spring of his conduct; but he ennobles it in his own eyes, by giving it the color of a disinterested concern for the maintenance of justice,–the abasement of vice from its high places, and the exaltation of suffering virtue.

Wallenstein is considered Schiller’s masterpiece, but I did not enjoy it all that much. Why are his plays suddenly back in favour, asks Michael Billington”.

Maximilian, after realizing his saviors are robbers, dies.

Dominick himself might shudder at such a question, with such an answer, as this: Encyclopedia of Literary Translation. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. He had expected heroes, and he finds mean men; friends, and he finds smiling traitors to tempt him aside, to profit by his aberrations, and lead him onward to destruction: Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

At the end of the scene, he says he will get rid of anything standing in his way of becoming a count.

The Robbers | drama by Schiller |

Hermann came, and Franz knew that Maximilian had previously offended him. Melodrama is a pretty appropriate label, but rlbbers not quite as bad as Young Werther. We should thank the poet who performs such a service; and forbear to inquire too rigidly whether there is any “moral” in his piece or not. Franz looks at the sword and sees something written in blood. Again, only read a few selections from this one so far, but will soon finish it off. Oct 22, Sara T rated it really liked it.


He destroyed the letter he wrote himself so that no one would find out about it. She knew that the robber was her Karl. After publishing this book, as schuller military doctor he was driedrich to pursue his literary career, so he ran to Stuttgart where he was free to keep on writing. Since the world is not the abode of unmixed integrity, he looks upon it as a den of thieves; since its institutions may obstruct the advancement of worth, and screen delinquency from punishment, he regards the social union as a pestilent nuisance, the mischiefs of which it is fitting that he in his degree should do his best to repair, by means however violent.

Mannheim was destroyed again inand administrative control was transferred to the state of Baden in Hitherto, at least, there has always been enough of dull reality, on every side of us, to abate such fervors in good time, and bring us back to the most sober level of prose, if sxhiller to sink us below it.

Thomas Baughman rated it really liked it Apr 28, Franz imprisons and mistreats their father, friedrkch dies when he learns that Karl is a brigand. Reading it for class, not enjoying it. The scene on the hills beside the Danube, where he looks at the setting sun, and thinks of old hopes, and times, “when he could not sleep if his evening prayer had been forgotten,” is one, with all its improprieties, that ever clings to the memory.


Rogbers only read Wallenstein though. That all should be so happy, all so married together by the spirit of peace! Friedrich Schiller has admitted these faults, and explained their origin, in strong and sincere language. Wallenstein and Octavio are complex characters that keep wchiller guessing; there’s criedrich schemers on both sides; and the obligatory love story that has some teeth between Max and Thekla.

The younger brother, Franz, who appears as a cold, calculating villain, plots to wrest away Karl’s inheritance. He was rebellious and brave. Maximilian apologizes for having the wrong opinion about his son, and Franz told him he would sacrifice his life so that he could extend his. Dec 27, Nihilist rated it liked it. Wirtembergisches Repertorium Thalia Die Horen.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The plays do a great job of exploring – and leaving ambiguous – the historical questions around Wallenstein: Soliloquies on this subject are numerous–from the time of Hamletof Catoand downwards.

Karl realized that his brother falsified the letter and told Kosinsky to saddle up a horse because he was able to kill his brother, which he still loved if he stayed a second longer there.

Written at the age of twenty-one, “The Robbers” was his first play. Karl asked her about the man in the picture, and she told him he was dead.