PARIS — The Directon Générale de l’Armement took delivery July 18 of the fifth multimission frigate, marking a step toward an eight-strong fleet. This page details the development and operational history of the FREMM (class) Multirole / Multipurpose Guided-Missile Stealth Destroyer / Frigate Warship. On June 12th in Brest, DCNS delivered the FREMM multi-mission frigate Provence to the French Navy, as stipulated in the contract. This frigate is the second of.

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China Patrol Vessels Destroyers and Frigates. Pclass patrol vessel D’Estienne d’Orves -class aviso.

The Italian form is also longer at feet versus ftslightly thinner 65 feet versus 66 ft and has a deeper draught at 17 feet versus 16 ft. Electronic Warfare EW is also shared and involves various digital fits as well as jamming equipment and decoys. The fdemm of the second series to the French Navy took place just a few weeks after the first successful firing in Europe of a naval cruise missile from the first-of-class, the FREMM Aquitaine.

We are very proud to supply the Egyptian Navy with high-tech ships which will contribute towards the renewal of their surface-ship fleet” he added. That means this version frmem have to push itself to keep up with a U.

Added to the anti-submarine, anti-surface and anti-air warfare capabilities, the FREMM has now reached its full technological capabilities. During normal operations — not zipping around at 25 knots — you can get about 2 percent fuel consumption per day.

Fire away on Twitter: Retrieved 12 May Got any more questions? Aquitane was commissioned on November 23rd, and homeports out of Brest.


FREMM multipurpose frigate – Wikiwand

Archived from the original PDF on The ship also has an auxiliary propulsion unit that can spin degress, has a top speed of seven kts, and can be used to do some nifty maneuvers. Ship classes of the Italian Navy. Dauphin Panther Lynx NH Getting frjgate from Norfolk, the Alpino pulled away from the pier without tugs, which is a breeze with the APU.

The mooring lines feed from enclosed areas both forward and aft under the forecastle and flight deck. Maestrale class Followed by: Virginio Fasan” Press release.

France takes delivery of its 5th FREMM

As said one Alpino sailor, a year veteran of the Marina: The rest of the officers are in two and four-person staterooms. Bretagne is set to be commissioned during with Normandie to follow in Retrieved 11 April Egypt; Italy; France; Morocco. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Where applicable, the feemm of U. List of frigates of the French Navy. FincantieriRiva Trigoso and Muggiano.

Last press releases:

Naval Exercises Naval Technology. FREMM technical characteristics Multi-mission frigates are versatile vessels able to respond to all types of air, marine, submarine or land threats. Retrieved from ” https: All DCNS sites, its partners and subcontractors took part to this technological and industrial success to ensure compliance with the industrial milestones, in particular the launching in September and the first sea outing in September The primary fire system is highly pressurized water sprinkler system that sprays atomized demineralized water that decouples the fire from its fuel source.

Amongst other services, it performs the project management for the multi-mission frigates intended for France and Italy. One-person staterooms are for the embarked admiral, the captain, the executive officer, and the department heads. Every console has three monitors and can be used in any submode. There are slight differences between the two country’s designs: The ship has also integrated a ton of technologies that cuts down on manning.


The damage control system is highly sophisticated. When it came to developing an all-new modern stealth-minded guided-missile frigate warship for the navies of France and Italy, the two European powers joined forces and fleshed out the “FREMM Multipurpose Frigate”. Navy uncomfortable in terms of design.

Three distinct forms were initial planned, one to serve in a dedicated sense to each of the mentioned roles though, in the end, one common hull type was settled upon to fulfill the airspace denial and submarine-hunting roles. Budget constraints soon saw the French revise their commitment to just eight.

FREMM multipurpose frigate – Wikipedia

Archived from the original on 16 January ftigate There is also a fixed gas system as a backup in the main spaces. Paris, Rome and Victoria, British Columbia.

Retrieved 30 April The ship is also equipped with an air search radar, ffrigate search radar, an electronic warfare system, and commercial radars.

Equipment of the French Navy. Even the engine room is quiet enough that hearing protection is not required to enter. Above 15 knots there is a single LM gas turbine forward of the combining gear.