Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Starred Review. Fahy’s imaginative debut puts a fresh spin on the survival-of-prehistoric-beasts theme popularized. Fragment (Random House, ), is a science-based thriller by bestselling author and screenwriter, Warren Fahy. The novel focuses on a crew of young. Fahy’s imaginative debut puts a fresh spin on the survival-of-prehistoric-beasts theme popularized by Jurassic Park. When members of the.

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Fragment (novel)

Horror square, but I have other backup books that I will read for those instead. The creature, which Andy has named Hender, reveals itself to be a highly intelligent being and skilled at mimicry, which allows him to quickly learn human language. Aboard is a cast of ambitious young scientists.

Turn by turn, the story grows more and more implausible and events happen too quickly within the story’s time line. Warren Fahy definitely did that. That Jurassic Park is now considered sufficiently retro that present-day audiences need their own refresh of the concept is one of those things designed to make a gloomy gus like me feel exceedingly old. Otto provokes one of the babies and is attacked by the juvenile Henders Rat, splitting his thumb.

Not only do they figure out everything on first examination, they also declare their discoveries to each other with exclamation points! Surrounded by a ft cliff wall, Henders Island is largely inaccessible and its distance from the shipping lanes means very few seafarers have even seen it. Fahy has certainly done his research, and the acknowledgments reveal that he has consulted actual scientists in writing his book. Cato escape, and watch as StatLab falls apart before them.

This is not a lost world frozen in time; this is Earth as it might have looked after evolving on a separate path for half a billion years — a fragment of a lost continent, with an ecosystem that wafren topple ours like a house of cards. This is anything but Mass Market Paperback Verified Purchase.

Fragment enthusiastically delivers its share of awesome eaten-by-monsters moments. Any reviewers that say they didn’t like this book must not like having fun or have no imagination whatsoever or even more likely, both. The modern-day ship that stumbles across Henders Island and sets frzgment this entire adventure is the Tridentplaying host to a bunch of real-life scientists as part of a reality television show. In this powerhouse of suspense—as brilliantly imagined as Jurassic Park and The Ruins —scientists have made a startling discovery: Fragment does attempt to let slip the surly bonds of thrillerdom and touch the face of satire with its portrayal of reality fhay.


This book has lots of characters, but my favorites are Nell and Hender. I honestly had to go back and re-read that section to make sure I’d understood it correctly. But when Geoffrey and Tragment go from being scientists in a wwarren to simply being The Guy and The Girl rfagment an action thriller, mundanity sets in. Arriving inside of the base, which is protected by sprayers full of saltwater and an outer hull that can survive a near miss from a missile strike, Thatcher and Geoffrey meet with biologists Sir Nigel Holscombe, Doug Livingstone and several United States Generals and Defense Secretaries as well a live feed with the President of the United States.

With sagging ratings, the ocean exploration reality show SeaLife desperately needs a boost before the network cuts their one-year voyage short.

SF : Fragment / Warren Fahy ☆☆☆

Then there’s the money-grubbing, sensationalist scientist who will do anything to remain in the public eye. Perhaps the author felt there needed to be a little levity, in light of the impending doom of the rest of the novel. Grammatical errors, spelling errors, the like Please help improve this article if you can. Crichton fans, those flying over the Pacific. Soon the scientists will stumble on something more shocking than anything humanity has ever encountered: Jun 16, Minutes.

If notability cannot be established, the article is likely to be mergedredirectedor deleted. He’s the epitome of the character that everyone loves to hate. Then we’re given a delicious little episode of a ship’s crew being attacked by some mysterious monster on a remote island. This is a fun romp of a book if you are looking for an effortless beach read. Livingstone present on the Island’s formation and evolution, and reveal a horrifying truth; Henders Island’s flora and fauna are so well adapted that if they were to escape, they would cause global collapse.

Andy, Nell, and Quentin kill the newborn “rats”, in order to keep from having another accident and to keep the specimens from leaving the glove box.

As he attempts to scale one of the island’s vertical slopes, he is attacked by a swarm of animals. In the same vein, there were about characters, three new ones seemingly introduced per page, and they all had plain names like Joe, Bob, and Nell.


As they travel through the jungle, they head for Henders Island’s only lake, crossing paths with Henders rats, wasps, drill worms, and other, unknown animals. Towards the end of the book, there is a paragraph that just does not make any sense at all.

Fragment (novel) – Wikipedia

The book starts off with a trip to an uncharted island, untouched by civilization, until a group of scientists being filmed for a reality show set foot on the mysterious island. As they explore, Henders Island beasts attack everything and anything around them in their environment, revealing ferocious power and sheer aggression.

Cato, Otto and Andy reveal to Pound that little progress has been made into the island interior due to the ferocity of the wildlife, and its sabotaging the ROVs.

Most of the staff are killed when the predators make their way into the lab. Warren Fahy has been a bookseller, a statistical analyst, and managing editor of a video database, where he wrote hundreds of movie reviews for a nationally syndicated column. Sci Fi Expedition to unknown island [s] 6 29 Nov 06, Would you like to tell us about a lower price?

So what do we end up with? Not Enabled Word Wise: Faahy not a desirable zip code for an uncharted island, people. The fact that almost none of the characters including the aforementioned couple were even vaguely interesting was the killing blow.

The island was a real treat – the “bad guys” were really, really bad As they close awrren towards the signal, the group runs across Andy, who is revealed to have survived, along with the dog Fragmemt. Aboard is a cast of ambitious young scientists. There, Geoffrey meets Nell for the first time. Sep 27, Sandi rated it it was ok Shelves: