YOKOGAWA FLXA21 Modular 2-Wire Conductivity Analyzer. The FLXA21 two- wire liquid analyzer offers single or dual sensor measurement. Product Review: Yokogawa FLXA21 Most of the time a pH sensor needs a field transmitter to read its data and send it through the system. 69 products offers 69 yokogawa flxa21 products. About 36% of these are gas analyzers, 31% are ph meters, and 27% are other analysis.

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Where To Install The Unit To print the manual completely, please, download it. M 2-wire 2-Wire Transmitter.

Inspection Of Piping And Wiring Be careful not to lose the wiring cover screws.

Yokogaqa read carefully this manual and the instruction manual of the relevant sensor before using this instrument. The FLXA21 offers ultrapure water compensation for demineralized water, steam, condensate and boiler water analysis.


Enough power supply for the instruments is to be provided. Page These data can be obtained from the manufacturer of the probe, by the users laboratory, etc. Manual adjustment to grab sample. Page 12 Toc-2 4. Equipment – General requirements GB The raw materials for flax21 products include animal by-products, fleshy fruits palm and oliveand oilseeds.

Line For Connecting Yokogswa Source Digitalyewflo vortex flowmeter dy series vortex flow converter dya series pages. Most of the time a pH sensor needs a field transmitter to read its data and send it through the system. Names And Functions Of Components Removal of these components is done by sending the sour water from the process to a stripping tower where heat, in the form of steam, is applied. Courtesy of Yokogawa Theoretically you can connect more than one tokogawa, but of course, reality always comes with its own rules.


Wiring The Dissolved Oxygen do Sensor There are three forms of oil encountered in wastewater treatment at a refinery. Calibration Of Sc conductivity NOTE The standard instrument to be used in calibration with a process solution should always be accurate. ykogawa

Page It can also appear to change because of coating of the electrodes, or partial blockage. In the redundant system the main output parameter is automatically switched over to the second sensor output in case of the main sensor’s failure.

Edible Fat and Oil Processing. It is a white crystalline powder that is readily soluble in water.


The chemicals used for specific purposes are produced by diluting raw liquid with demineralized water using in diluting flax21, and the control of the concentration at this point is performed by conductivity measurement. Slime deposits typically occur in many industrial aqueous systems including cooling water systems, pulp and paper mill systems, petroleum operations, clay and pigment slurries, recreational water systems, air washer systems, decorative fountains, food, beverage, and industrial process pasteurizers, sweetwater systems, gas scrubber systems, latex systems, yokogaqa lubricants, cutting fluids, etc.

Page 9 Material safety data sheets should also be included for all components of the processes to which the equipment has been exposed. Yokogawa has been offering the EXA series two- wire liquid analyzer for processes since Yokogawa recommends that the Model SC72 pocket conductivity meter be used for ykogawa purpose. Yokogawa has been applying minimized maintenance measurement systems. Sensor diagnostics and sensor wellness indication make measurement reliable.


Section 5 Section For best ypkogawa, this should be done as near to the normal operating temperature as possible. Inspections During Regular Operation In a continuous wash, wash time is replaced by measure time. NOTE Yokogawa recommend the use of NIST primary buffer standards rather than buffers which have been adjusted by the addition of acid or alkaline materials to the buffer composition.

Yokogawa FLXA21 Manuals

The following check will make sure that the temperature coefficient already set is accurate. When the temperature coefficient already set is accurate, the conductivity to be displayed must be constant regardless of liquid temperature.

Features Product Selection Accessories. There are a number of suppliers of oil and fat products used for edible purposes.

Use this menu to hold the output. That is why monitoring and controlling yokgawa in pulp stock is critical to the paper making process. The unit for the TDS reading can be set to ppm or ppb.


Empfohlene Artikel Product Review: Since the process water is re-circulated, the mineral concentration increases as a result of the evaporation. Yokogawa recommends that the Model SC82 pocket conductivity meter be used for this purpose. In the past, the boiler feed tank systems in sugar factories had to be checked several times a day to make sure there were no vlxa21 solution leaks.