The Fletcher Pratt Naval Wargame was one of the most successful naval wargames of the 20th century. The straightforward rules, based on the innovation of. Murray Fletcher Pratt (25 April – 10 June ) was an American writer of science fiction, This was known as the “Fletcher Pratt Naval War Game” and it involved dozens of tiny wooden ships, built on a scale of one inch to 50 feet. The Hunt for the Fletcher Pratt Wargame outlines my search to find the WWII The Complete Rules for the Fletcher Pratt Naval War Game as used by the New.

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Prufrock AaronIt is a flercher game system, but it does need more at least one player per side. Prufrock Monday, April 29, 8: This includes an online ship card generator to assist the modern player to create those essential ship cards.

Miller has dropped four shots into my vessel.

Abandon Ship! A Review of ‘Fletcher Pratt’s Naval Wargame: Wargaming with Model Ships 1900-1945’

Dick Bryant Sunday, February 21, 3: Redcoats and Dervishes or the Attack on Newer Post Older Post Home. Unfortunately, I have the mathematical ability of a nasturtium.

I also have a special interest in wargames that use square or hex grids for movement and weapon ranges. The project aims to make the largest possible collection of wargaming books and rules available to the modern reader. The red golf tee indicates a hit whilst the blue tees indicate the fall of shot of misses.

More than a week later I have still received no response from John which leads me to believe the book I naal is in fact the edition that is still being sold and no corrected edition actually exists. Grid based wargaming – fletcheer not always. Since we only have one ref, I hold the end of the tape measure on my ship and have to look directly down at the ship while the ref measures my range estimate.


The Sword in Palestine or the Barber of Maps The Imagi-world of Millsy, I am very pleased to read that you found this blog entry of interest. Once the range is measured, shell splashes up-turned golf tees are placed so that players can see how effective or wargme their gunfire has fletchrr.

Comparing hexagons with squares: Included are two wooden strikers, one of the 1: Again, according to de Camp’s memoir, when a fire gutted his apartment in the s he used the insurance money to study at the Sorbonne for a year. Adding a rotating head to a ‘striker’ sounds as if it would add a whole extra level of unnecessary complication!

The original rules make up the bulk of first section of the book and they are presented as they were in what appears to be the edition.

Wargaming Miscellany: COW Fletcher Pratt Naval War Game

Pavone Sunday, February 21, Numbers, Wargames and Arsing About. They supply the ships as kits and ready made. Thanks for the report and the pictures. Not so fast… At this point in time I will assume that there is no corrected version of the book and what I purchased and reviewed is in fact the rulebook on sale. The Fletcher Pratt system in action.

The former had been ‘substituted’ prattt one of the original Kongo-class battleships once the battle had begun. Pratt was a military analyst for Time magazine whose obituary described him as “bearded, gnome-like” and listed “raising marmosets ” among his hobbies[2] as well as a regular reviewer of historical nonfiction and fantasy and science fiction for the New York Times Book Review.

Leave this field empty.

Naval Wargames and related stuff: The Fletcher Pratt Naval Wargame Pt1

Robert Bob Cordery Sunday, February 21, 3: A good deal of the blame might be attributed to the company printing this on demand but John has to take credit for the awfulness as well. We thought I had contacted all the people who recieved the faulty version and replaced it. Titan Comics for December 19th, The measurement to the target would run along this arrow so if you were spot on with the range you might eyeball the target wrong and your shots will land in the drink. All the best, Bob.


I have not used them myself, but a friend has and he said they were a good supplier.

Please enter your comment! I see John responded to the review within 24 hours to rebut but as far as my personal correspondence? This one dates from before WWII. His guns are large enough so the shells have penetrated the armor where they hit. Outside of the original rules, the book is rife with grammatical and word processing errors.

The Games We Play. feltcher

Fred Jane and Fletcher Pratt. Whiskers, Thanks for your kind comment. The black and white photographs throughout the book are mainly washed out and poorly reproduced.

Another explanation of the ‘third point’ is that the photographer asked for the ships and players to be moved close together to get them in the shot. Robert Bob Cordery Saturday, February 20, 4: It managed to cause some blue-on-blue casualties as well as all other kinds of realistic mistakes.

Did your shot just hit a turret? I have yet to find a way of making it a solo game … but if I ever do you can be sure that I will write a blog entry about it!