Fighting with the Quarterstaff By David Lindholm Chivalry Bookshelf ISBN: pp. “This book is a result of an interest that I have had for a. The short staff [ie. quarterstaff] or half pike, forest bill, partisan, or glaive, For the purposes of combat these weapons were interchangeable. Medieval Weapons; Quarterstaff; Quarterstaff Weapon Definition; Quarterstaff Weapon Fighting Techniques. QuarterStaff Weapon Images, History, Facts.

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Here is another attempt at modernizing the languagewhich I think is a little clearer than the other link I posted. History of Weapons in Medieval Times. What was a Quarterstaff Weapon made from?

Fighting with the Quarterstaff By David Lindholm

Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. In the 19th century, England became acquainted with Bamboo with the presence of the British Raj in India.

John rated it liked it Feb 26, Views Read Edit View history. Blows were primarily delivered downwards either directly or at angles. Even a spear can hook if it tighting lugs. Moving the quarterstaff was easy and so it could be used in many different modes of attack.

This led to numerous innovations in the design of the quarterstaff which was now increasingly made of bamboo. I have taken more of a didactic approach here, since it is my intention that the book will help you in training more than anything else. Note that he equates the staff to various polearms of similar size that can be wielded fihhting similar techniques.


And this note, that these lengths will commonly fall out to be eight or nine foot long Joseph Swetnamwriting indistinguishes between the “quarterstaff” of 7 or 8 feet 2. Kakanier rated it really liked it Dec 18, Thus, the weapon was mostly used for personal or sport purposes.


But note that if you’re using a spear, and the opponent moves in very close, you use the spear like a staff – you swing and hit, using both ends. Please read our subreddit rules and FAQ before posting!

Tyron Harrison marked it as to-read Nov 14, Gris Flores marked it as to-read Nov 17, Cape Cod, MA Joined: Thu 10 Mar, 4: There are today some materials published fightting the Asian styles, but not that much there either, and none on the European material.

Jim Judy rated it really liked it Aug 08, Quarterstafr, who wrote in the mid 16th century, is often argued as being removed from this tradition, although his manuscript quotes directly from Liechtenauer’s zettel.

Combining spear and quarterstaff/stick fighting —

Wed 09 Mar, So do we have no sources but his own word for that story? If they should be shorter, then the long staff, morris pike, and such like weapons over and above the perfect length, should have great advantage over them, because he may come boldly and safe without any guard or ward, to the place where he may thrust home, and at every thrust put him in danger of his life, then can the long staff, the morris pike, or any longer weapon lie nowhere within the compass of the true cross, to cross and uncross, whereby he may safely pass home to the place, where he may strike or thrust him that has the long weapon, in the head, face, or body at his pleasure.


Return to Book Page. Preview — Fighting with the Quarterstaff by David Lindholm.


The reson being that many consider Meyer’s system of fencing as being something useful only for displays at fechtschules and for other non-lethal fencing one of the main reasons being that Meyer states in his longsword section that “thrusting is abolished amongst us Germans” but happily teaches thrusting as a means to start attacks with the longsword, and he has no problem teaching the thrust as core to the dusack, rappier, and polearms.

During the 16th century quarterstaves were favoured as weapons by the London Masters of Defence. I will first cover the quarterstaff as a basis of all long weapons It’s difficult to give a general answer, as many of these manuals were written in different periods with different goals in mind, but very generally, it seems that quarterstaffs were used often as training weapons for other polearms, like pikes and halberds.