The sequel to Faulkner’s most sensational novel Sanctuary, was written Told partly in prose, partly in play form, Requiem for a Nun is a. ‘The past is never dead. It’s not even past.’ Nancy, a black nursemaid, is about to be hanged for killing her mistress’s baby. The mother, Temple Drake, knows the. Switching between narrative prose and play script, this is Faulkner’s haunting sequel to his earlier bestseller, Sanctuary. Read more.

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She has no spiritual attachment to save her, nothing to worship that I can see. Intruder in the Dust. Then the drama is very problematic in racial terms: A sequel of sorts to Sanctuary, Faulkner has written a play in which is sandwiched three longish chapters of the history of the town of Jefferson and the Nyn. The atmosphere of the room is up-to-date but has the air of another time — the high ceiling and cornices indicate an ante-bellum house, perhaps inherited from a spinster aunt.

And he was nnun. Faulkner’s always trying to push the envelope here. His writing style was distracting–long paragraphs, no periods, each paragraph ending in a semicolon.

The history of wilderness Mississippi, the founding of fictional Jefferson, and even the creation of the state capitol delivered as high drama, Faulkner’s full page paragraphs, who could do without that. It’s just his strong suit.


Requiem for a Nun by William Faulkner

The Story of Temple Drake Sanctuary Which explains why she played it for a few sad weeks on Bwy. Encore heureux que je l’ai lue en anglais!

Gowan’s uncle Gavin Stevens, who is serving as Nancy’s defense attorney, believes Temple is withholding information about her daughter’s death, and confronts Temple outside the presence of her husband Gowan. It was Faulkner at his best, sending shivers down my spine. Apr 07, Diane Barnes rated it really liked it. Requiem gaulkner a Nun, by William Faulkner.


The play was superb and I learned where a favorite quote com Old Bill is a genius, not just tedious, and his jewels bubble up on top of his strange rabble.

Faulkner obviously could not leave Temple Requiej as we last saw her in Sanctuary. If anyone else has an idea about the title, I would love to hear your thoughts. Ognuno di questi scenari racconta cosa avviene ai protagonisti e cosa succede loro. Thus began my journey, reading anything and everything so long as it sat on my shelf, hoping to grow as an author and expand my literacy, while ideally saving money from buying too many other new books.

Interspersing typically Faulknerian stretches of prose told in three Acts, the prose sections are all one sentence lasting anywhere from pages – yes, one sentence with requie sections written for the stage, this sequel to Sanctuary focuses on the consequences of Temple Drake’s actions. My library Help Advanced Book Search. On the Southern L After the war, he took some classes at the University of Mississippi and worked for a time at the university post office. A thousand tiny threads coming together to form what?

Requiem for a Nun

Every one of his novels that really captures me has that element of history. Critic Kenneth Tynan has the first – and last – word on this undramatized bosherie.

New York Herald Tribune. Account Options Sign in. Swooningly beautiful in that classic, often hypnotic Faulkner faulkjer, full of these gloriously long, long, looooong sentences; writing that is subtle and ironic and often a deadpan sort of humorous – fualkner favorite. Like many of Faulkner’s works, Requiem experiments with narrative technique; gequiem book is part novel, part play.

At the time of publication, Requiem received mixed reviews. As before, he distracts his audience with incessant worries and soft-spoken tragedies without really expanding on the truth contained within his narrative until later on and the play form makes it that much more effective by focusing primarily on dialogue and not the colorful description that ends to surround it.


Or later with Popeye? For me she is not evil so much as incapable of being a full human being. The interplay is nicely done.

Requiem For A Nun : Faulkner, William : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

While not the most important of Faulkner’s works, it is is essential for a Faulkner enthusiast as well as a truly devoted reader of his work for the details it adds to our understanding to his fictional mise-en-scene. Trivia About Requiem for a Ffor. But it certainly has been a while.

PS – This work has the famous quote: When Faulkner was five his parents moved to Oxford, Mississippi, where he received a desultory education in local schools, dropping out of high school in Nancy tells Temple to trust in God and extols the virtues of suffering.

Summer’s the time for associative reading, so in my post about the Balzac novel, The Wrong Side of Faulmner, I quoted Faulkner on the past not even being past which is a quote from Requiem for a Nun, and I decided to re-read it I read it maybe 40 years ago. It tells us what really happened to Temple Drake, and is set faulkned years after her abduction. The novel was dramatized for the theater in by Albert Camusentitled Requiem pour une nonne.

Maybe it is yet again that way that Faulkner grabs you reqkiem the nape, forces you at the mirror and presses your face into the glass?