8 Results Visit ‘s Farid Esack Page and shop for all Farid Esack Books by Farid Esack . See search results for author “Farid Esack” in Books. this is the very core of Islam. Arifa Farid*. Farid Esack, Qur’an, Liberation and Pluralism: An Islamic. Perspective of Inter-Religious Solidarity Against Oppression. The latest Tweets from Farid Esack (@FaridEsack). University of Johannesburg Academic, Board Member of @BDSsouthafrica. South Africa.

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An antagonist to mainstream Islam will not find a Muslim publisher, and Esack has been obliged to publish with Oneworld, a small Oxford house associated fariv Baha’ism, the Iranian messianic movement.

Similar authors to follow

Esackk equal opportunities representative in the Mandela government, he campaigned for the rights of women and homosexuals and founded the group “Positive Muslims” in the fight against Aids. His sermons and broadsides diffused by the Call to Islam association of which he was National Co-Ordinator until were warmly received, particularly by anti-racist sections of the Christian churches.

During the late s, Farid Esack was one of the most conspicuous Muslim campaigners against apartheid in his native South Africa. On page a tafsir esaack is attributed to Ibn Arabi, whereas scholarship has known for several decades that this text is in fact by Afif al-Din al-Tilmasani.

At this stage of the book Esack does not even go through the motions of claiming a Qur’anic justification for his views. Partially due to this, in Octoberthe final version of the country’s constitution made it clear that there would be no room for Shari’a justice in the new South African state.

Prof Farid Esack

Esack has faintly grasped that his liberal ghuluww is wide open to this sort of reductio ad absurdum. That he is now in the midst of a fatid controversy following a guest professorship at Hamburg University this winter is also not putting him off his stride.

And with the ratio of so many moral events today radically altered, Rahman and Esack demand that the content of the Qur’anic message must in many places be subject to suspension or fundamental reevaluation.

Readers’ comments can be found by Google and other search engines.

Farid Esack

In Germany on the other hand, not only is the movement little known — it is fariv unpopular. The Pakistani scholar Fazlur Rahman suggested that the sacred text acquired its temporal colouring from its passage through the mind of the Prophet, and that the traditional situational exegesis asbab al-nuzul active upon dsack verse has a confining effect. My case made headlines back then,” he says, adding with a note of irony: On these pages, you can listen to the first or second part of the debate.


Are the anti Western sentiments that are now felt, specifically of these times, or do they go much further back in history? Ignoring the recent vindication of the hadith by Harald Motzki of Hamburg University, Esack plumps for a traditional scepticism a la Goldziher and Schacht, and announces that ‘where I do cite a hadith in support of a particular opinion, it is not because I believe that it is authentically the word farld Muhammad, although that may indeed be the case; I cite a hadith because it reflects the presence of, and support for, the idea among earlier Muslims.

Having grown up with Christian neighbors, Esack became critical of discrimination against Christians and other religious minorities in Pakistan.

In Algeria, extremism will only diminish when a popular government is allowed to take power. Retrieved 31 July Farid Esack Foto Audio. But farir South Africa, that popular government has already come into being. Esack is here proposing an iconoclastic revolution in Islamic methodology, the result being a set of Islamic ethics which dovetail precisely with liberal fraid. Just a sample few of these will indicate the nature, if not the scale, of the problem.

His family has lived in South Africa for generations, his mother is of Malian heritage, his father Indian. This is why when Esack was still a child, his family was resettled in one of the newly-established townships. It is surely an odd failing of Esack’s book that he fails to mention the very existence of this prolifically-published school of fari, which could offer him a paradigm of toleration which spares him the labour and humiliation of weeding out unfashionable views from the Islamic scriptures to allow escak for his own concept of ‘what Allah must have meant’.

He actually believes the situation is far worse in the occupied territories.

Farid Esack – Wikipedia

Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. He, along with three other members, left the organization in and helped form the Muslim anti-apartheid group Muslims Against Oppression, which later changed its name to Call of Islamwhich became an important affiliate of the United Democratic Front. Christians believe that he was crucified at Golgotha outside Jerusalem — only to rise from the dead three days later.


He notes briefly the contribution of Shah Wali Allah al-Dahlawi in Arabic, ignoring Marcia Hermanson’s English translationbut fails to cite from that author’s principal work on the subject, al-Budur al-Bazighain which the Indian author develops a perfectly humane explication of how non-Muslims can be saved, even esak they have been exposed to Islam and refused it. This feminist issue recalls once again Esack’s responsiveness to his Christian tutors, who have been anxious to direct Muslims along the lines recently followed by those liberal churches which ordain priestesses.

On Being a Muslim: He addressed rallies, conducted ezack funerals, and participated in inter-faith organisations opposed to apartheid. A rotten legacy Qantara dossier: Esack wrote several books on the relationship between Esaxk and politics, his autobiography “On Being a Muslim” and introductions to the Koran such as “The Qur’an: But he is surprised that none of the journalists who initially reported on the accusations against him have contacted him personally.

Esack, predictably, was delighted. This is because his radical deconstruction of the Qur’an relies heavily on locating it within its original context. Disillusionment with accommodationist leadership coupled with the suppression of majoritarian Islamist discourse in both esacck nourished the liberal and fascistic fringes.

Who will close the floodgates? Tackling the verses one by one, as though they were a series of bombs, he disposes of some quite elegantly, but their sheer number appears finally fard overwhelm him. Esack’s exuberant manifesto goes on to tackle a further issue. Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life.

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Most Recent Photo Essay. Neither is there any awareness of the dispute between Ash’ari theories of accountability being conditional upon receipt of revelation, and the Maturidi notion of universal access to fundamental metaphysical and moral truths irrespective of access to a scripture.

Thus, for instance, Kevin Reinhart’s important book Before Revelation merits no discussion whatsoever. William Chittick’s monograph Imaginal Worlds: His book “Angst ums Abendland” Fears for the Occident takes aim at Islamophobia and was published by Westendverlag in