“Fans of legal dramas might check out Alex Flinn’s intriguing Fade To Black In this tautly constructed novel, an HIV-positive high school student sees his life. Three perspectives – one truth The victim: After his windshield was shattered with a baseball bat, HIV-positive Alex Crusan ducked under the steering wheel. Alex Flinn is the queen of writing troubled yet multidimensional teens, and she doesn’t disappoint with FADE TO BLACK. Read it, and question.

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Fade to Black

You will feel an attachment to the characters in this book, and your opinion of them could be changed by a single akex, or action. Shari is the school’s drama teacher as well as one of the eighth-grade English teachers.

There is a victim, Alex Crusan, a HIV-positive high school student whose family recently moved from Miami to the small town of Pinedale. Fade to Black Author: I mean i thought it was Clinton. HIV positive character Alex has not only been dealing with bigots at school about his illness, but he also has to deal with it at home.

If I were to rate this book, I would rate it 5 being flinm best. Maybe I’ve fadr looking in the wrong places but I haven’t found YA with AIDS and since my knowledge of it is basically that according to my school if I do drugs,have sex,go to parties,have friends that go to parties,or anything along those lines I’ll probably catch it and die.


As you can tell, this really resonated with me. Central to the story is a hate crime involving a baseball bat and vade shattered windows of an occupied automobile. It seems that ant-bullying stories are all the rage these days, so I decided it was time to re-read this book that I’ll admit I’d grown fuzzy in my recollections of.

He kind of like me because he tries to make blsck happy and not sad all the time and make people fell good about them self.

Each has a struggle, but who suffers the most? But he saw something, and now he must decide how much to tell.

All at Pinedale know of Alex’s condition, because school administrators announced it at a student a Alejandro Alex Crusan and parents move to Pinedale, Florida because of his dad’s job transfer. She witnessed the assault. He tells people he contracted the disease from a blood transfusion, because that is what his mother wants everyone to think.

The setting of the story was at the hospital, and the school. The baseball bat, the broken glass. Why would you leave the statement Alex said ‘But Jennifer”, When we’re inside.

I can practically feel what it would be like, having her fingers touching me. From the point of view of the witness, Daria a teenage girl with Down Syndrome who goes to the same school as Alex. I like and dislike this book.

Fade to Black is still a good story and i would recommend it to friends. Aug 28, Radda Triova rated it really liked it. Incident Involving HIV-positive student. Jun 12, Diane rated it really liked it Shelves: Aug 04, Richie Partington rated it it was amazing.



Fade To Black by James Sowes on Prezi

Strengths of this book: Under the Florida Hate Crimes statutes, the assault becomes a criminal case. Jun 24, kari rated it liked it Shelves: The guy shattered his windshield as Alex hid under the steering wheel. Were any of them reliable? This book was an incredible reading and great book with excellent information but just didn’t catch my attent Cody Maierhoffer 2nd hour Ms.

At the beginning of the story he is attacked in his car by a baseball bat. The witness saw Pinedale student, Clinton Cole, 17, leaving the scene. Sure, he was riding his bike on East Main that morning. Hell if I knowand they transferred him.

The world Knight created is dark, eerie, and fascinating. Daria is a special education student and tells her story in free verse. This probably influenced m NOTE: The third-person omniscient point of view really fits this story because it helps understand what every person is thinking and feeling about a situation and event.

A new company wouldn’t pay their med bills, because of the pre-existing conditions clause.