‘Extricating Young Gussie’ was the only story omitted from The World of Jeeves omnibus, but readers wanting to assess its merit for themselves. Extricating Young Gussie is a short story by British comic writer P. G. Wodehouse (–), being the first appearance of two of his most popular characters. The ingenious valet Jeeves and his master Bertie Wooster must stop a marriage in “Extricating Young Gussie,” a romantic comedy by the masterly P. G.

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Nothing could tire that lad. Bertie’s imperious Aunt Agatha also appears. About this title Audio Format. Extricating Young Gussie [ edit ] She sprang it on me before breakfast. Jul 02, Cheryl rated it really liked houng. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Going to business or something, I take it.

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Why did I hang about upstage while you sang “Rumpty-tiddley-umpty-ay”? The other song that he intended to sing was one of those moon songs.

What was the next step? He is in New York, and I can’t get at him. Not sure about the saintly looking Plum photo though. Performing Flea Over Seventy. You are commenting using your WordPress. So I tried a couple, and, by Jove!

Jeeves came in with the tea. When I went in I bussie seen that there was a deucedly pretty girl sitting in that particular seat, so I had taken the next one.

Jeeves & Wooster centenary: Extricating Young Gussie

He is not clever, but he is very good-looking, and, though he has no title, the Mannering-Phippses are one of the best and oldest families in England. Man Go rated it it was amazing Aug 15, It seemed such a rotten sort of world with all that kind of thing going on in it.


Along with Jeeves, his clever valet, Bertie travels to America in search of his love-struck cousin. The girl’s name, it seems, is Ray Denison, gussue according to Gussie she does something which he describes as a single gusssie the big time. In the end, Gussie also ends up on the Vaudeville stage and Bertie is too scared to return to England and Aunt Dxtricating so he and Jeeves of course hides in New York for a while. It is comical and engaging, and maintains the long tradition of the upper class desperately trying to preserve their distance from the working classes, only to have the veil torn asunder.

Bring On the Girls! Living into his nineties, Wodehouse enjoyed the fruits of his labor and acclaim worldwide, a happy, funny man. I had to watch myself every minute for years, and I never knew when I might fluff my lines or fall down on some bit of business. He’s one of those fellows who advertise each step up they take in the world by growing another chin. Hot on the heels of the Blandings centenary in June comes the th anniversary of P. He seemed to take my sympathy and assistance for granted, and I couldn’t let him down.

Find out more about OverDrive accounts. I admit I was hard hit.

Extricating Young Gussie

She had a ripping voice. I dare say there are fellows in the world—men of blood and iron, don’t you know, and all that sort of thing—whom she couldn’t intimidate; but if you’re a chappie like me, fond of a quiet life, you simply curl into a ball when you see her coming, and hope for the best.


They kept telling me I had got to put it across, no matter what it cost, so that he wouldn’t be ashamed of me. I could go on indefinitely about brutality and lack of consideration.

Gussie had vaudeville blood in him, and it looked as if he were reverting to type, or whatever they call it. Nobody ever mentions it, and the family have been trying to forget it for twenty-five years, but it’s a known fact that my Aunt Julia, Gussie’s mother, was a vaudeville artist once, and a very good one, too, I’m told.

If you hunt for a needle in a haystack you don’t find it. Its a bit like reading the first asterix comic when the drawings by underzo were all over the place, but by the end of the book the style has settled into its familiar later form.

I can’t do better than that, and I wouldn’t have done that if the little lady hadn’t of kep’ after me.

Take him for all in all, dear old Uncle Cuthbert was as willing a spender as ever called the family lawyer a bloodsucking vampire because he wouldn’t let Uncle Cuthbert cut down the timber to raise another thousand. The odd part of it was that after the first shock of seeing all this frightful energy the thing didn’t seem so strange. She did herself well in the matter of costume and scenery.