Hey guys! Thought I should share my thoughts on this BEAUTIFUL book about independence drumming. I know that on my posts about which. Cutting-edge techniques to master 4-limb independence from German drum sensation Marco Minnemann. His method will dramatically increase independence. drummer Marco Minnemann: Beyond Chops His challenging instructional books (Extreme Interdependence, Ultimate Play-Along, and the latest, Maximum .

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When and why did you begin your pursuit of interdependence?

Because I don’t have the benefit of being able to practice my instrument when I want. That book is two lifetimes of work unless you’re Marco Minnemann! I do not have Marco’s book, but have been working on my own ideas along these lines. Rising to the top of this short minnemamn is German super-talent Marco Minnemann. C – Canada my native land when I was there spending my vacations. What I do is learn the hand parts, then add the feet one foot at a time.

EXTREME INTERDEPENDENCE – Drumming Beyond Independence na Freenote

Miguel – Azorean Islands Portugal Posts: Find all posts by h3r3tic. Logged roguephp Guest Re: I remember this began in between tours, while I was in Spain. It sounds cool to start with one part and then add another, and then add another.


Graeme Ramsay of The Wedding Present. I was very patient with myself because I really wanted to achieve this goal. That way I was learning how all the parts went together.

Nothing in the world can buy that or replace it. October 02, This elite group of international marrco has changed the face of drumming and raised the bar on speed, ambidextrous technique, soloing, stick tricks, multi-pedal coordination, and independence to levels that seem unimaginable to most drummers.

When he saw me, he was shocked.

My journey on Marco Minnemann’s Extreme Interdependence – DRUMMERWORLD OFFICIAL DISCUSSION FORUM

His performances on that tour solidified his place atop the list of modern-day drumming geniuses. Then I began the next chapter of adding triplet combinations and playing them against the 16th-note groupings. My journey on Marco Minnemann’s Extreme Interdependence Hey man, Marco is one of my favorite drummers and definitely a giant among this generation’s greats.

For example, I would play the foot pattern and then add the ride cymbal part and then add the snare part. But that doesn’t matter because I achieved what wanted till now and I’ll be continuing this book because I know that only this first chapter has helped my independence tremendously, it has open my mind more to creativity because since it makes us work with ALL 4 limbs, I came up now with some cool hi-hat foot stuff with ride cymbal and etc.


Then that gives me the motivation to move ahead to the next challenge. Send a private message to FunkyJazzer.

Do you feel that most drummers come to your clinics really wanting to learn anything, or are they mostly there to see a superhero flash his superpowers? So it all began with the first chapter of course: Anyone else have anything to say on this?

No question, Minnemann was special. Find all posts by FunkyJazzer.

Marco Minnemann: Beyond Chops

BUT after each exercise you become more and more aware about the key to independence. Seems like it would offer more control and independence in the long run Magco challenging instructional books Extreme InterdependenceUltimate Play-Alongand the latest, Maximum Minnemanna recent thirty-six—song double CD set, Contraire De La Chanson Marco plays all minnrmann instruments and singsand DVDs Extreme Drumming and the brand new Marco Showlay testament to his tireless pursuit of developing some of the most innovative, musical, and highly advanced drumming techniques of our time.

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