The right of Jacob Aagaard to be identified as the author of this work has been as – . concentrate on the endgame, prophylaxis, calculation and more general. In Excelling at Chess Calculation, Jacob Aagaard tackles the subject matter head on, unravelling the many secrets behind chess calculation and arming the. Excelling at Chess Calculation has 15 ratings and 1 review. Jacob Aagaard tackles the art of chess calculation, unravelling its many secrets and arming t.

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Attacking Manual 1 works well together with Attack and Defence.

Excelling at Chess Calculation: Capitalizing on Tactical Chances by Jacob Aagaard

After reading your excelling at I use a real chess board, as I found it much more difficult to jafob from the bookespecially when the exercises are more difficult. We choose a position of the book it could be the first one on chapter 1, page 15and we will try to find the best move for this position.

You can always read Attacking Manual 1 more than once. Comments 73 Trackbacks 0 Leave a comment Trackback. Inside the chess mind which is JA book but not a QC one deals with this topic with different test positions submitted to average players and titled players.

Mb marked it as to-read Feb 15, Oct 26, 3.

Tartajubow’s Chess Books and Equipment: Excelling at Chess Calculation by Jacob Aagaard

Remember, this is a series of books that will prepare you for competing at Grandmaster level. Webone marked it as to-read Sep 19, Pepellou added it Apr 01, But anyway — I believe it is great ratio containing quality in comparision to price: I see that that Everyman and Gambit are starting to make their titles available in Kindle format.


May 16th, at We will see what else we put out before the summer, …. After we wrote down everything we can begin to move the pieces around and see on the board what we calculate. The main stop will obviously be India, where I have many friends and where a lot of people have expressed appreciation for my work.

Waldorf He has set aside June to finish the work. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. I will not engage with this sort of rudeness.

Jacob Aagaard’s Calculation: somebody who wants to work with me through the book?

Then there will be chrss tests of six positions each and then the already mentioned difficult positions. This would make your range both more accessible, and also help us to plot our development through your library.

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Gollum It was not the opinion of the s I have worked with. Are you on No. Oct 27, 8. This book covers what is missing from Kotov’s “Think Like a Grandmaster”.

Excelling at Chess Calculation: Capitalizing on Tactical Chances

But what are general considerations? First off, Inside the Chess Calculatioj and Grandmaster vs. To ask other readers questions about Excelling excellin Chess Calculationplease sign up.


Jacob I am looking forward to Lars Schandorffs two new opening books, can you please letme know whether these are still likely to be coming out this month? Jul 26, Jim marked it as to-read. Tim Going from being an option to giving a date is a long step.

He give us positions with highly interesting positions. But then we were thinking that maybe we should put some hardcovers on the website for limited sales. May 10th, at The QC series of books are excellent. I’ll work with you. Ilya is a fantastic player and interesting personality, but of course he is not a natural writer, so a bit of assistance has hopefully made the book more accessible.

This is why I introduced this diagram preview idea in the Attacking Manuals and also inserted it into Advanced Chess Tactics and found about 50 exercises for that book Psakhis had a few as well and for Chess Tactics from Scratch all me this time — as with so many of our books, the line between the author and the editor blurred a bit and we worked jadob together, sharing our strengths.