The exacqVision VMS software records surveillance video from thousands of IP camera models and displays on a free Windows, Linux or OSX client software. exacqVision adds critical cybersecurity features demanded by IT departments , while improving the operator experience. The VMS supports. Already known to be an intuitive VMS, exacqVision further simplifies the experience by allowing users to specify the language they want the exacqVision .

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Automatically execute actions on a variety of conditions including motion events, serial data or health events. Enable live video viewing without complex steps such as setting up and configuring web services.

Control PTZ cameras accurately and navigate exacqVision faster with the exacqVision surveillance keyboard. Admins can now configure user accounts to expire once they have met a specified inactivity threshold e.

The web service exacqvsiion typically exacqvisioh on the exacqVision video server. Find video based on POS searches. Compact Form Factor Helps Save Space The front-accessible recorders are smaller than a 4U system, providing a streamlined, sleek solution that saves rack space while giving you comparable storage expansion for future-proof surveillance operation. Define maps for rapid navigation of cameras according to their physical location.

Set up buttons in exacqvsion client to trigger external events in other systems. Export Save a picture or video, print a picture or export video files to easily be used for investigations.

exacqVision Professional Video Management System Software | Exacq from Tyco Security Products

This latest release exacqvisiob very important controls for administrators looking to more strictly manage how and when users can access the VMS. The exacqVision ELP-Series is a powerful, cost-effective network video recorder with high reliability operation and minimal setup time. Most notably, vmms now supports the exacqVision Cloud Drive storage, a subscription-based solution which will provide an easy way to store, access, and search critical surveillance video in the cloud.

Configure overlay controls to appear on the live view when you navigate and hover over the camera. Combined with other features such as two-way audio with Exacq Mobile, PTZ support for Suspect Tracking and more, this release raises the bar for system exacqision, video performance and intuitive user experience.


The ability to enable or disable this auto-populate feature gives users ultimate control over which cameras make up their layouts without disrupting those from other Groups or Views. Now, not only is this exacqvusion provided in a grid format for better organization, but it also includes helpful device information like camera name, model, and MAC address.

Illustra Pro 12MP Fisheye. Define nested maps for rapid navigation of large numbers of cameras according to their physical location. Direct operator attention to specific cameras with event-driven and time-based video switching.

Send email notifications as a response to input exacqvsiion, motion event, alarm events and more. Adjusting camera resolutions and framerate, users and permissions,trigger events, audio and more is simple. Visit our IP Camera database to check for support and integration details. Push individual live cameras or an entire view of exacqgision cameras to another exacqVision user or public view monitor.


Combined with other features such as two-way audio with Exacq Mobile, PTZ support for Exacqviion Tracking and more, this release raises the bar for system protection, video performance and intuitive user experience. Two-Way Audio Two way audio adds the ability to stream audio from the client to the server’s audio output port. Windows Server, Client, Web Service.

Linux Server, Client, Web Service. Minimum less than 50Mbps camera data simultaneous remote clients. Setting device permissions is extremely intuitive with the list of devices grouped by NVR. A new low contrast GUI option helps decreases operator fatigue and improves attention to detail in darkened environments.

Bookmarking and case management are very effective tools used to tag and retain important surveillance video and events. It has the same CPU and RAM requirements as a client workstation, which vary vmx on resolution and quantity of simultaneous camera streams.

Click the microphone icon to show the configured speaker list. EasyConnect Finds, addresses and connects certain IP cameras to the network automatically.

Active Directory and LDAP Configure exacqVision permissions and privileges for accounts that exist exacqvjsion an active directory server for standard network administration and easy deployment in an enterprise setting. VideoPush VideoPush exwcqvision users the ability to instantly push selected cameras, layouts, tours, groups or entire views to another exacqVision client monitor or a public view monitor.


Constantly Expanding Functionality with Included Software Updates Get more video management features without replacing your entire video management system Includes one year free software updates three years on exacqVision NVR’s Flexible Deployment exacqVision Enterprise VMS software pre-configured and pre-installed on exacqVision out-of-the-box network video recorders Installs on third-party servers. Data Integration exacqvisioj integrates with more than 20 access control systems, video analytics solutions for license plate recognition, heat mapping and intrusion detection.

A critical time-saving enhancement to exacqVision. Avoids lost video due to network outage by retrieving video recorded on Illustra IP cameras.

Monitor door access, lock or unlock doors, and arm or disarm alarm systems all from exacqVision and Exacq Mobile. These changes provide end users with enhanced and uniform time-stamping capabilities for video, audio, and metadata on both the server and camera, leading to a much smoother user experience.

exacqVision 8.4 adds features to address cybersecurity and user experience

Sxacqvision get to enjoy the best client server architecture and this means that it is possible to run software off the server on common platforms such as Linux and Windows. Guides installers through common configuration options to optimize the exacqVision client.

Simply touch a specific partition or zone on your device, and you can view video and arm, disarm, or bypass alarms for that area. Embed a web page as a panel within the client Users can embed a web page as a panel within the client to give them important information such as weather updates or breaking news headlines so they can better react to imminent events that could potentially affect their business.

You can configure email notifications to send when events start, end or both. Reasons to Buy If you are looking for an excellent esacqvision management system, then you need to take a close look at what ExacqVision VMS Software has to offer.

The intuitive exacqVision software can be licensed for small simple installations to demanding enterprise applications using exacqVision Start, exacqVision Professional, exacqVision Enterprise or exacqVision Edge software.