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Does anyone have any ideas how i can use the re-confirmation that the device is tripped as a trigger?

After this time HC2 does not respond from sensor events. I hame the same problem and Your advice not working. Sensor working about two hours. Firstly she is mains powered and a such has a stronger signal then a battery powered device. Smart Home, made easy. Some also send alarm frames when they are moved releasing tamper switches so it is best to install them permanently and them add them to the HC2. If a post of mine seems a little off kilter, it’s probably because he made it.

Have you moved or setup the sensor somewhere i. Everspring SM review July 18th, The SM does not wakes up Please login or register to see this image. After updating my HC2 system to version 1.

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SM103 – Wireless Door/Window Detector

July 20th, Posted September 3, Gets me wondering what happens when you add a wire to the antenna and move the antenna closer? The routing principles for products like Everspring are slightly different as they are the end point for communication and do not repeat the signal in the mesh network so must be enrolled into the network in the location they are to be used.


So in essence it shouldn’t matter what an icon looks like as long as the house does things for us which would normally take personal effort. Please login or register.

Everspring Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor

I’m assuming both this antenna and the wire moving the antenna will require more power to be effective. Posted September 8, Posted September 5, Is the z-wave “query on wake up” involved? January 10, Smart Home, veerspring easy.

Adding an antenna feeder will cause losses and you will lose some of the net gain in the overall link. The latter lets you create your own condition names and associate condition expressions for these. My forum account was apparently hacked by a leprechaun.

HSM02 and SM are in dverspring database! HS3 Pro Edition 3.

Everspring SM review – HomeSeer Message Board

I would be curious to know the side effects of this, battery usage or device failure? I didn’t know about these Yagi’s but will keep it in mind as I am still contemplating putting a sensor in my mailbox and that antenna may be the difference between eversprinng working or not working. Sign up for a new account in our community. What do you think about that? Login or Sign Up.


Long Range Yagi PCB Antenna on Everspring SM door switch

Checking the logs it just shows previous Tripped value ‘1’new Tripped value ‘1’. Added a SM switch to my mailbox, but could not get the signal to reach the house.

July 22nd, August 23rd, And he’s drunk all of the time. Antenna gain is gain both ways: The scene trigger for PLEG would be: Posted May 15, I always try to push 3times tamper switch: The supported controls are not the same as those of SM, which can explain the wrong processing. Already have an account? If I use a scene, it does not recognise the sensor as being tripped again, eferspring I cannot use it as a trigger.

October 21st, Hope sm03 hear from Fibaro team. All the zwave modules from Eminent are also from Everspring. Everepring forum for discussions about custom icons. Sign in Already have an account? Posted July 26, I hope the batterie life will be more than 1 year.