Wspomina o niej Sokrates Scholastyk w swej Historii Kościoła III,7. Euzebiusz podaje, że wraz z nimi męczeństwo ponieśli jeszcze Seleukos, Teodulos, przede wszystkim jego mistrz Pieriusz z Aleksandrii oraz uczeń Euzebiusz z Cezarei. The Legend of St. George Saving a Youth from Captivity and its Depiction in Art *. 1 Euzebiusz z Cezarei, Historia Kościelna, О męczennikach Palestyńskich. Euzebiusz z Cezarei – Historia kościelna · Eusebius Church History · PASTERZ HERMASA – o Kościele i nawróceniu · Boże Narodzenie

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The Byzantine army was defeated.

Sabinin, Raj Gruzii, St. Treasures of Byzantine Art and Culture, ed. The emperor Selinus holds keys in his hands, signifying that he entrusts the rule over the city to the victorious warrior and confirming its conversion to Christianity, which was a condition of the saint’s help. George riding with an adolescent on horseback was established by artists in the monastic society on Mount Sinai where the influence of Christianity and that of Islam overlapped Millet, Monuments de L’athos, I, Parisfigs.

Grotowski P., The Legend of St. George Saving a Youth from Captivity and its Depiction in Art

This work, which shows clear Venetian influences on the stylistic level, shows St. Below a horse, on a flowery meadow are two figures kneeling, probably the donors of the icon or the boy’s parents Missions in the Christian empire 3.


George rescuing a youth in the art of crusader kingdoms can be also found in the survived wall-paintings remaining in Lebanese churches in Edde, Enfe and Bahdeidat Marshall Lang, Dawna Gruzja, Warszawap.

The wall is an extension kocielns the palace walls, whereas rocky landscape fills out the right side of the composition. Nowadays the Cypriot painting is the oldest known composition of such limited formula She can be identified as the boy’s mother—Theophano.

In Mytilene on Lesbos there was a church dedicated to Saint George. Migne, Patrologiae…, CXV, col.

In the icon from St. Propagation of the Gospel in the 3th and 4th Century. George fighting against the dragon.

Tadeusz z Edessy

Under his hooves is the blue strip of sea, filled out with carmine fish and as wide as the icon. The part where the youth was shown is almost totally destroyed, but his leg is still visible behind St.

The saint wears a red cloak covering here a long dress typical for an image of martyrs and commits the boy to the care of a priest wearing a sakkos and omophorion. He quotes cezagei other literature.

Pamfil z Cezarei

It seems, however, that during the process of combining the miracle with the youth and the legend of the princess, the figure of the boy was losing its original meaning, derived from the text of the legend. Henderson, Edinburghpp. Being unable to find any explanation for this, he left the issue unresolved 5.


On the western wall an image of a white saddled horse carrying two figures has survived, only the lower parts of whom are visible.

The fact, that he applied an ochre colour to George’s steed, contrary to the canon of the time, suggests the painter’s willingness to experiment. One can find an early example of this iconographic subject on the frame panel of the icon of St. At that time they were being replaced by the representation referring to the legend of the rescued princess, which became a dominant variant and almost superseded the others.

Tadeusz z Edessy – Wikipedia, wolna encyklopedia

George killing a dragonand the icon in St. Amongst them by reason of numerous details the icon from St. New elements here include a pearl-diadem on George’s head, and the blessing Manus Dei appearing from heaven at the upper-right corner of the icon. Maguire, The Icons of their bodies: Texts und Untersuchungen, I, Leipzig—Berlinpp.

In contrast to Georgian examples, however, the steed is shown over blue waves with reddish fish.