Un Orthogonal Mode Transducer (OMT ou diplexeur de polarisation), est un dispositif faisant Le signal est transmis à une puissance relativement élevée ( de l’ordre du watt pour un équipement VSAT), alors que la puissance reçue par. The end user satellite Internet equipment consists of the VSAT satellite dish, BUC LNB and the satellite Internet Modem. Depending on where these equipment. Professional Grade iDirect VSAT satellite services from Ground Control. Managed Networks, VPN, Mobile iDirect dishes, support world-wide.

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However, Ku band dishes work fine even during rain fade scenarios if equipemeng modems are equipped with power boosting capabilities. Ku band dishes are more widely used in Europe and North America. I have my own hardware. Mounting Solutions Fixed satellite dishes are mounted in a variety of ways.

This Ground Control iDirect 1. Bigger dishes provide for better reception in remote areas and support much higher bandwidth service plans.

Professional Grade Satellite Internet Equipment photos iDirect equipment and services are available from Ground Control, a single-source satellite solutions provider.

Orthogonal Mode Transducer

This standard pole mounted 1. Service Plans for emergency organizations are tailored to allow 10 days of unlimited use per month. Dish sizes range from 1. What does a typical VSAT installation consist of? Enjoy uncapped internet that is fast enough to support your needs, including voice IP services.

How fast is a VSAT system? These shelters can be temperature controlled, and keep equipment from pubic detection.


VSAT is a satellite ground station that can transmit and receive data providing connectivity no matter how remote. The receive signal needs to be down converted because Ku band signals received from the satellite are high frequency signals which suffer greater attenuation while passing through cables used for indoor transmission.

The advantage of being a certified installer is no installation costs, or costly repointing such as after a stormor moving of a system to a new location. What will my data cap be?

VSAT networks typically operate at one of three frequencies: These systems are optimized to allow for 1 to 10 VoIP phones to connect with crystal clear communication from anywhere on the planet. We also offer a 1. Quick installation We offer quick installation timeframes, wherever you and your remote branches are located, with coverage throughout southern Africa. Choosing a satellite equipemenh will be dependent on which satellite you are connecting to, your location, and your transmission speed requirements.

More on public safety equlpement.

Satellite Dishes – Stationary Systems. Ground Control has many solutions for your mounting requirements. What is a VSAT? To confirm the equipment you have will work with our network, please contact Ground Control at or email sales groundcontrol. More on Toughsat trailer. For other high powered applications, BUCs with larger ratings are available. Depending on your use, dish size and installation location will determine the best size Vsst for your satellite dish.

Global Reach – We have iDirect services on all continents. Low Latency – One of the lowest in the industry milliseconds. Pay a monthly fixed access fee, and only pay for bandwidth used when needed.


Uncapped Service Plans Monthly. Comes in 1RU rackmount.

Block Up Converter — Wikipédia

Dedicated Bandwidth Service Plans Monthly. All our VSAT services are uncapped. C band, Ku band, or Ka band. Standby redundancy VSAT can be used as an automatic failover redundancy option for when primary links fail. Our automated network infrastructure ensures that traffic is balanced across all carriers on the satellite network to increase the amount of bandwidth AND increase the security since traffic is changing frequency up to 8 times per second. Certified installers can assemble, point, and activate a satellite communication systems with Ground Control.

The satellite dish, parabolic in shape, is mounted on your roof facing south. High-speed Internet connectivity – Up to 20Mbps download, 5Mbps upload speeds. What is the lead time from confirmation of order to installation? As the distances to be travelled by the signal for transmission are tremendous, higher frequencies are used as they suffer less attenuation. Contact us for more information on these systems.

Please contact us with the details of your hardware and we will be able to let you know whether or not it is compatible. However, the term VSAT is generally used across the industry to describe any fixed satellite terminal that provides one-way or two-way communications.

Many other services available in many locations.