La histología regional del conducto del epidídimo en el perro comprende cinco regiones histológicamente distintas y continuas. Dos de las. Test Histologia aparato reprodutor epididimoenEpididimo Cual epitelio presenta el Epididimo?. Cuales fibras que rodean?. Cual epitélio. Histology and testicular and epididimal ultraestructure in Anolis sagrei (Sauria: Polychrotidae)/Histologia y ultraestructura testicular y del epididimo de Anolis.

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The rounded tubules, obtained from several sections of different epididymal regions, were measured for height of epithelium, diameter eoididimo lumen and thickness of muscle coat.

Despite such studies, stressing the importance of the morphofunctional knowledge of the dog epididymidis, little information is available on the regional histology of the duct ORSI, epididiml The relative number of B and A cells is less frequent than in previous histological zones, and none peculiar features in both cells were seen, comparatively to those in other zones.

Zur Histotopik von Hydrolasen in Nebenhoden des Hundes.

Histologia aparato reprodutor epididimo

A light microscope and ultrastructural study. The regional morphometric differences observed in epithelial height, luminal diameter and epididijo thickness, in all the histological zones, are summarized in Table I.

The tall columnar P cells have round to spherical nuclei with one or two distinct nucleoli, and usually the nuclei are localized in the lower half of the cells.


Note the principal papical a and basal b cells, and the stroma periductal rose. Two different types of columnar cells could be distinguished: Thus, the purpose of this study is to describe morphologically the regional histology of the ductus epididymidis in the dog, to provide a detailed structural baseline for specific studies of functional zonation in the epididymis of the dog, or, to comparate to other mammals.

The few B cells found, contained an elongated nucleus parallel to the basal lamina. Based upon morphological features such hkstologia Structure and function of the ductuli efferentes, ductus epididymidis and vas deferens in mammals.

Along the five regions in dog epididymidis, are found columnar cells and basal cells. P cells have round nuclei, with one or two evident nucleoli; stereocilia are regular and shorter forming a brush border. The stereocilia still are regular and shorter, forming histologgia brush border.

On the regional histology and cytochemistry of the epididymis in the rabbits.

Aparato genital Masculino by Daniel Alexander Safadi on Prezi

Fine structure of the monkey epididymis. The fourth and fifth zones zones IV and Vare restricted to the tail, localized into the proximal and distal Cauda epididymidis, respectively.

The cell boundaries are indistinct, and a uistologia number of long stereocilia projects from the apical cell surfaces to the lumen.

Stellate lumen stars of the ductal sections in the zone III. Ultrastructure and quantitative morphology of the principal cells.


The physiology of reproduction.

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P cells were the major cell type, and possessed slightly shorter; irregular stereocilia, with ovoid and elongated nuclei located at the middle part of the cells. The luminal diameter is A cells, with round to ovoid nuclei, are scarcely found, and B cells are similar to those of preceeding zones. Maturation, transport and fate of spermatozoa in the epididymis. The epididymis in the dog, reveals five distinct and continuous histological zones in the duct.

This zone was characterized by irregular epithelium Histochemical localization of glycosidases in dog epididymis. The A cells are fewer in number than epidldimo other cell types, and can be distinguished from P cells by their slender globlet shape, and apically located nuclei.

Regional differences in the morphology of the goat epididymis: The irregular lumen of the ductus have a diameter of A cells are scarce and presented the same morphology, as described later. The third zone, or zone III, comprises the distal head and all the body.