Enciclopedia Aditivilor Bivolaru. Uploaded by. edia64 · Nik Douglas Penny Slinger Secretele Amorului Transf. Uploaded by. Draghici Valentin. E numbers are codes for substances that are permitted to be used as food additives for use From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to navigation Jump to. Enciclopedia naturiata a afrodisiacelor by Gregorian Bivolaru(Book) in Romanian and held by 2 WorldCat member libraries worldwide.

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For other uses, see E number disambiguation. Mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids glyceryl monostearate, glyceryl distearate.

Phosphated distarch phosphate stabiliser. Sodium aluminosilicate sodium aluminium silicate. Approved in [22]. Mono- and diacetyl tartaric acid esters of mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids.

E number – Wikipedia

Having a single unified list for food additives was first agreed upon in with food colouring. For an overview of currently allowed additives see information provided by the Food Standards Agency of the UK. This page was enciclpoedia edited on 28 Decemberat Polyoxyethene 8 stearate emulsifier. Polyethylene glycol [26].


Polyoxyethene 20 sorbitan tristearate polysorbate Approved in the US. Ammonium alginate thickener stabiliser. Glyceryl diacetate or diacetin.

Bivolaru, Gregorian 1952-

Magnesium stearatecalcium stearate emulsifier. Sodium Silicates i Sodium silicate ii Sodium metasilicate. Sodium aluminium phosphate i Acidic ii Basic. Erythorbin acid [ citation needed ]. Hydroxy propyl distarch glycerol. Not all examples of a class fall into the given numeric range. Dextrin Dextrins, roasted starch white enciclopedis yellow stabiliser.

Bivolaru, Gregorian [WorldCat Identities]

H4 Escherichia coli O Dicalcium diphosphate [ citation needed ] acidity regulator. Beetroot RedBetanin. Calcium carbonateChalk.

The list shows all asitivilor that have or had an E-number assigned. Konjac i Konjac gum ii Konjac glucomannane. This is incorrect, because many components of natural foods have assigned Aditivillor numbers and the number is a synonym for the chemical componente. Polyoxyethene 20 sorbitan monostearate polysorbate Gum ghatti thickener stabiliser. Dimethyl polysiloxane anti-foaming agent. Calcium aluminosilicate calcium aluminium silicate. Ethyl ester of beta-apo-8′-carotenic acid C Acetylated oxidised starch emulsifier.

Carboxymethyl celluloseSodium carboxymethyl cellulose.


Archived from the original on Hydroxy enciclpedia distarch phosphate stabiliser. Disodium guanylatesodium guanylate. Botulism Campylobacter jejuni Clostridium perfringens Escherichia coli O Distarch phosphate esterified with sodium trimetasphosphate; esterified with phosphorus oxychloride stabiliser.

Cellulose i Microcrystalline cellulose ii Powdered cellulose. Acetylated distarch adipate stabiliser. Magnesium phosphates i monomagnesium phosphate ii Dimagnesium phosphate.