En el lecho del deseo. Laura Lee Guhrke. Published by Booket (). ISBN ISBN New soft Quantity Available: 1. Seller. En el lecho del deseo by Laura Lee Guhrke at – ISBN – ISBN – Editorial Planeta, S.A. – – Softcover. Language: Spanish. Brand New Book. Viola se enamoró perdidamente de John Hammond, el vizconde que pidió su mano, pero cuando tras unos meses de.

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John had just inherited an estate that was broke and he needed a lot of rel. I told you, that is a no-win question for a man. I feel it could have been a better story without the illegit baby angle.

I saw a young girl that had her happiness taken away and I saw people telling her she was to blame. You like him but don’t like him – or, you like him in spite of himself. Wading in, knowing and prepared for what a jerk the H was, I actually enjoyed the story a lot. And how could De, read this chicken poop?

I know he was a charmer and I know she loved him but there are a lot of men in the world and it seem such a waist for Viola to give herself to this loser. Her reaction is in keeping with her spirit, her personality and her youth, and you can see the girl she fl in her recollections alongside the woman she is “now”. And there was a bit too much talking and discussion and dissection about all of their pain etc etc. Unlike most of the other reviews, I disliked this book because of the leading lady, Viola.


And sn i still some how squirmed myself into my reading seat, which btw refers to whichever seat im was sitting desso back then and pried the book open,and found myself surprisingly enjoying both its hilarious story and the strength and emotionally displayed by BOTH drl leads,for it only happens once in a verrry loong time,that the female actually manages NOT to annoy me throughly by the end: She’s upset and doesn’t want to be touched by that lying, deceiving gold-digger.

View all 8 comments. He can’t promise that he won’t stray because it depends on her and if she’ll turn into an “unforgiving ice queen” and all.

The Marriage Bed (Guilty, #3) by Laura Lee Guhrke

But as it turns out, when John told Viola her loved her, he was lying. What’s not to like?

I like this author, and the synopses for the other books even in this series sound good, so I really really really hope they don’;t make me want to slit my own throat like this one. No vi a ese John enamorado por recuperar a Viola siempre fue porque eres mi esposa te dl a recuperar.

The Marriage Bed

Ghhrke overall, I’m on the fence. I always will be. Maybe she overreacted to the fact that her husband kept a mistress before they were married and then admitted to marrying her for her money, but her pain at his infidelities was very real.


His statements about how he never loved his wife made feseo want to slap him. I do believe that. I did not like how it ended. If the characters are so-so, I’m not driven to read on – it’s more of an, OK, I suppose I’ll finish this and see how things pan out.

It made me think, why could he fall in love with her, but yet it would take him nine damn years to fall in love with Viola. Because he was laurz also. May 19, Crista rated it it was amazing Shelves: Jan 12, Gemma rated it did not like dese Shelves: Grecia’s rating liked it. I swear that the experience will be different. Reading stats Most-read authors. View all 27 comments. Did I enjoy it?

Return to Book Page. So, this book is about a failed marriage. He walked away after one month.